SURVIVAL: Same Old Questions Needing New Answers


The human need for self definition is the same; Where do I belong; How do I fit in; What do I expect; What knowledge is required; Am I approved of; What is my view of others; What is my world; What do I want; What do I believe; Where must I go next; When am I right with myself; Who do I Love; Who loves me; Who wants me in their life; What do I love about life; Where do I belong next; What are my dreams and ambitions? And on…

The old world may have had some simple and static answers for these, often given by an elder, a family member; the culture. Some need for self fulfillment comes with biological imperative; I must eat and drink to continue, or such things as communicate, walk or ride to get somewhere. Others have that environmental/cultural kind of persuasion; You need God; You need create a family like this; You must chase your dreams; You need be honest; It’s a dog eat dog world; Go for the gusto; Be all you can be; The winner is who gets there first. And on.. In our modern so called western world civilization, there is a self narrative to become the best you can be. Seems a good idea with an easy sell. It does have a sense of potential competition set into the self realization goodness. Proving oneself seems an imperative in many cultures.

Combine the notion best, with competition, and especially alpha intention realization, and it becomes not such a big leap to consider that bigger is better. There are many real world examples of this in the cultural narrative today; grow your company equals success; grow your muscles equals success; grow your stock portfolio equals success; sell more stuff equals greater success. These keep inching closer to the threshold, however, of cancer. And when cancer wins…

The cultural paradigm becomes the software running in conversation, consideration, adds on TV and other media. We expect your to be big and to buy the best, but if you are not, there are less big status items to hope to buy. You can just get better at getting that bigger self and becoming more of what you can be. If not for yourself, then for your friends and family. There are even patriarchal and matriarchal comforts that can issue from your bigness, as you dispense your success to your family and community.

Ah. Life is good. Was there some problem I started with?

The problem is the cumulative effect of many forms of this idea of success. We may fawn over the hyper-successful. Wish to be like them. Hope that somehow our winning ticket comes in, at this lottery called Life. We can do all this obvious good, seemingly trusting the accomplishment that we assume will ensue from our success. Never realizing, that what we have defined may in fact be a terminal illness, not just for us, but for all of us.

It is not surprising then, that so much cognitive dissonance is seemingly encouraged; Don’t worry, be happy; You cannot change the world on your own, it’s always been this way. Who are you to think you can change it? Beyond this, there are institutions of religious and political nature (usually this veils economic realities of status quo’s), that seek to divert our attention from the real problems of the way we live, for concerns of a more abstract and ethereal nature. These become as shell games; diverting attention from serious problems of fact for more belief oriented “solutions” of blame of others with a sense of self purification. Most argument seems to entail some essential obsession with enforcing blame upon, than with real solution that go beyond symptom.

Life presents us with a question It always presented, but now the clock seems to be running out. Diversion and denial will help each of us to be a Nero; fiddling as our Rome burns. We will be consumed with the problematic minutiae of our trifles; are my strings tight; What happened to my audience? Oh, practice makes perfect.

Yet smoke is here. A suicide note is here, with my and your name on it. There are blank notes still attached to the intention of each life. The question becomes; Which note will I actually sign; one for Life or one just for death?

The one for Life moves ones journey onward into greater Love. The one for death may well be the failure of dreamt for success. Definitions do matter; To succeed at knowing more love by being more love, or succeeding at denying this deep interrelationship to all things.

There is a new paradigm imperative; My life is not only my little world, it is all. I am invested in everything great and small. Nothing is beyond my concern as all Life is connected as One.

(Photo by Benafia)

Code is Poetry?


WordPress claims that Code is Poetry. What the?

<>Uh<.,.////.,/., >><<blah>><<

When I heard them at Wordbend say code is poetry, I agreed. Morse Code did seem like a poetry of clicks, spaces, dashes, and all a secret except to the in crowd with the right ears. But that was not it.

Well? What Code then? Code words, secret code? Code is Poetry What?

The answer seems to be geek-speak; the techno myopia of the digital in crowd’s meaning of a thing.

How was I supposed to know that’s the Code they were taking about? I’m in the out crowd. Seems like a lot of assumption that the rest of the definitions of Code do not exist or are irrelevant. Those who “know” know what they mean. It is up to you, the random generated public, to get it right.

Oh? You mean like Poetry?


Then Hello. Code is poetry!




No I do not know that Code

Over and out…