I came across a blog post yesterday. It said the threat for totalitarianism is from the left and not the right; BECAUSE the Nazis were socialist! Obviously only liberals can become “socialist”, and so, our authoritarian threat. Point made. Job done. Brilliant?

Now I think history shows that the far left and the far right are equally adept at totalitarianism. The thing about the post was it treated socialism as just one thing;– The old socialist movements of the left. Nationalistic socialism, or entities like the White Peoples Socialist Party (or the Nazi’s!), things not of the left, are instead assumed to be of the left. The corporatism endemic to fascism, or socialism for corporations (corporate/government collusion), something we seemed to be hedging to in the last 8 years, is not THE SOCIALISM the right wing is always shouting about. I think they are deaf to their kinds by all the chanting they do over this, only liberals make bad, presumption.

The same word in something does not make it exactly the same thing in quality, quantity or necessarily effect, nor many other characteristics, only some aspect. All trees are not exactly alike to our human uses. An apple tree gives me an apple to eat, while a redwood tree holds up many an old California house. The tree part is consistent in its aspect, but what each kind does in use is entirely different depending on human intentions. In that, they are not at all exactly the same thing. I know; Duh.

The extreme naiveté with some on the right continues to amaze me. It does allow for an abstracted purity of mistaken belief. Often, just a word or phrase makes things alike, talking points go out to sponge-abled minds. Before we know it, whole ripe fields are waving in the breeze. Newly found truths of enlightenment are being dispensed for the sleeping masses to wake up to. And all from the blurring of an abstract essence of a thing not truly or truthfully matched up with reality… And something stuffed with straw guides possible idea consumers away. Most of use are benefiting from some kind of relative socialism or other.

Oh. I can see why things like science and being really accurate in ones descriptions is so distasteful on the Fixed News and views circuit, which seems the source or instigation of many of these revealed truths. If a scarecrow is thought to scare away desire with its real looking menace, desire may be kept from knowing the truth. That may well be the intention.

The standard corporate model of responsibility and accountability to society is a perfect match for the definition of a psychopath for a reason;– avoiding accountability to The Commons of Life. In other words; Individuals are setting up full intention to preserve getting away with something at others expense. (A documentary segment on Youtube at post bottom) Corporations, lets say on pollution injury, or global warming as examples, have indeed acted as a psychotic would; Believing fully that they are entitled and have a right to do what they do without consequence, then be free to be left alone. So keep government regulation out of my business. Cognitive dissonance assuaging rationalizations (and political) often in the name of abstractions such as freedom and success, help empower this psychosis into patriotic and religious fervor for some.

Now days it seems any government venture of most any kind, except over certain kinds of crime and war, is called looming socialism. Some seem in a near panic over the issue. Government doing anything only government can do; Like stimulate an economy with spending in an emergency; Like taking care of those who fall through the economic and societal cracks (everyday emergencies); Like fix failing infrastructure on a massive scale; Like not letting those who cannot afford it to just stay sick and die, or be driven into poverty.

All this is the slippery slope to the socialism monster. (Odd how if the nation acts in any way like Jesus Christ would, it is considered as some kind of evil. How did what some see as a predominately Christian nation become anti Christ behavior as a whole?) However, in the psychology of the socialist movements on the right; groups ranting over government “give away’s” can end up wanting to give away the government–to themselves.

Just one of the ways those set up as Conservative wannabe’s get fooled by language and reality.

How about this since it seems true:

————The New Corporate Socialism Manifesto————

To Each According to Their Investments

To Those Who Cannot Invest; Serve The Above

Otherwise Get Out of Our Way

This is to be the sole nature of Freedom?

{Wait a Minute! Do not stock dividends and even insurance policies actually redistribute The Wealth?}

I link here to another blog that defines Socialism for the Wealthy, as encouraged by George W Bush.

Socialism for the Wealthy: Bush Economics

Faces of Right Wing Extremism – Google Books Result

by Kathy Marks, Adolfo Caso – 1996 – Political Science – 238 pages
NATIONAL SOCIALIST PARTY OF AMERICA Frank Collins was National Socialist White People’s Party midwest coordinator until he was dismissed by Matt Koehl.

In The Name of Profit

Plane Crash near Buffalo; Weather a Prime Suspect?

Last nights plane crash has killed all 49 on board and 1 in a home hit. This number does vary by 1 or 2 in stories.

Pilots were reporting ice buildup in the area around that time. One link below also describes past issues around the world with this kind of plane.

{News links on this incident below}

Fiery plane crash in upstate NY kills 50

1 hour ago

CLARENCE, NY (AP) — A commuter plane dropped out of the sky without warning and nose-dived into a suburban Buffalo house in a fiery crash that killed all 49

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Feb 13, 2009 3407, had been headed into Buffalo from Newark when it suddenly fell …. Just before the crash, Luce heard the plane and noticed that it