My Bad

The other day while watching a cable news show, the anchorman said that Rupert Murdock actually admitted that Fox News did not let facts get in their way, or something to that effect.

I was impressed. I thought; I like the honesty of this guy! My opinion of Mr Murdock took a big turn upward. I even mentioned this Murdock “fact” in a private letter. Notice my usual quotes around a word to be questioned as to its real meaning.

As it turned out, Mr Murdock said fat, referring to the way the business is carried out. So I repeated a misstatement, not letting the facts get in my way. Yes I did not know, but still; This is how rumor and such get going and become “truth” or fat in many minds.

Unfortunately. I had to take back my new-found appreciation of Mr Murdocks forthright honesty about that “News Show” he has.

Sometimes the “truth” that hurts, is the real one.