Fair Pay is Unfair?

Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act is the name.

It is an attempt to put some not false teeth into discouraging discrimination based on your gender.

Anything fair to that freedom of equality to; Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, however, is a one way conceptual straitjacket to those indoctrinated into right-wing beliefs in privilege. Those come, of course, with your cunning to cheat people for how they were born, regarding the same work.

Fairness for some, apparently becomes a scary assault on a status quo’s way of getting by with something. UNFAIR! Is their reply. Interesting indeed. I wonder how that Declaration of Independence works when you are kept back because of how you were born? Probably just another one of those ‘God D….. piece of paper.’ As a famous ex president and alleged conservative said of our Constitution. Repeat after me one and all…The liberalism implicit in the founding of this Nation must be overturned by hook or by crook. Then I have the opportunity to use others unfairly for my own happiness. I really like that idea once I am ahead. I can see the animal appeal. Fair for me first and foremost! I’m a winner.

That Law of Opportunism; or doing unto others while you can, is a cherished cherry. For a few of these folks, it is all about the rights of business above the employee. The old world feudal lord mindset of superiority over the servants is alive and well. Feel the businesses pain first, is the paradigm for understanding opposing equality. From there, of course, fairness is unfair. The premise of the US Constitution seems unfair, so must be mistaken by a liberal bias.

Reality reversal once again from the right. The more things change, the more some people cannot. The USA was created to try to deal with these institutionally corrupt behaviors that stand in the way of self actualization in some manner, and this law attempts to do just that. Equal opportunity for self actualization, by the very definition of a nation and culture, must take everyone else into account, or it can become overtly predatory. This is where the rub is; Where abstractions and realities intersect in the individual and The Commons.

But really; How free are we to cheat others anyway? We are free to think our gain, by taking advantage of a situation, has no other cost, but we will be wrong. It’s physics and such. Relationships along the way should demonstrate to most of us how that being used or discounted feels. The earth being in crisis tells us the rest of that human impacts story. Ignoring the Whole does put us in peril.

Here is the CNN piece on this

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lilly Ledbetter Law Signed!

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