My Favorite Liberals: Jesus Christ; The Founding Fathers; The Buddha

Who are My Favorite Liberals?; the ones who have defined my own liberal philosophical imperative.

# 1

The most inspiring liberal to me by far. The Original Liberal; Jesus Christ

With gratitude to the many women who helped get His Mission going in a big way.

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In the USA, where I was most influenced by their ideas, with some credit to Europe, Ancient Greece, The struggle out of the Dark Ages into the Renaissance, The Algonquin Confederation…

The USA Founding Fathers. At times, the prominent Freemason group called “Firebrand Liberals”.


From India; The Buddha With much the same message as Jesus Christ, but with more detail to encouraging holiness in consciousness, with all that “struggle” entails.


These are my top 3 inspirational liberals. Of course, it is apparently easy to be blind to the fundamental liberalism of these subjects. Conservatives, and conservatism of their day, were what these folks had to address; All that “otherness” that was excluded from conscious consideration.

I received a comment once, that Jesus Christ was not a liberal. I had to think: Really? I mean, REALLY! What part of liberal and conservative do you not understand? But I must remember how conservatism corrupts consciousness to privy to ones own advantage, as well as inherent fear of conceptual insecurity. Conservatism sets up an exclusive reality matrix in perception, allowing others to be easily dismissed from consideration. And no. Liberalism does not make everything magically right. Part of why it does not appeal to certain conformist and absolutist mindsets.

“The essence of the Liberal outlook lies not in what opinions are held, but in how they are held: instead of being held dogmatically, they are held tentatively, and with a consciousness that new evidence may at any moment lead to their abandonment.” -Bertrand Russell

Being a liberal (in theory) requires a kind of intellectual honesty; the ability to question without reservation. This makes the liberal individual (in theory) both inquisitive and vigilant regarding cause and effect–the patterns and connections which the real world manifest. This active and demanding critical thinking is an anathema to conservatives in general.  They are firstly about confirming the conservative biased conceptual absolutes; that what they believe is actually true and not to be questioned.  This opens up a Pandora’s Box of rationalization and cognitive dissonance management and diversion.

Conservatism is, by its very self definition; exclusive of some aspect of the new.  Life is presenting a change or addaptive pressure of some sort, and the response against it is–nothing has really changed, not in us.  Hey.  I’m going to cast stones.  If everyone waited for the first without sin, why we’d be overrun with badness. Someone seems to come along and say question what you are doing before you judge another, and reaction says that is ridiculous—add a leading to reason, or rationalization.

We now have a set up in reality perception; rational vs rationalization.  The difference between the two becomes blurred for opportunistic reason.  One thing that will be pronounced when observing conservative rationalizations is; they do not see them.  To them their thoughts are true, their beliefs are true, it is your questioning that is the source of trouble.  Enter Cognitive Dissonance management and diversion.

Conservatism is then self confirmed; a Confirmation Bias puts the present evidence into backwards explanation, to prove itself right in present challenges by what it claims as a-prior truth.  If you can’t question it, because there is a Consensus Reality saying it is already true and is so; to question becomes questionable itself, and open to negative and shame based ostracism.  A primitive tool of control.  Most conservatism is a mind-frame that likeley shelters privilaege and likely promotes tribalism like divisive divide and conquer interpretations of others.

Now there is an appearance Reality constructed.  People, or unable to question followers, accept what is given to them.  In this way, conservatism can set up inaccuracies, unsubstantiated theories, and any number of allegation towards others as being true.  Followers locked into this paradigm are trapped to self identify with it, this is often loaded with ad-hominem praise for their believers beliefs, and reason to scorn those not apparently on their side.  Ignorance becomes a prime currency in social and political/economic manipulations.  Unfortunately perhaps; not only can what I do not know hurt me, it can effectively imprison me even while I am lead to believe I am free, or at least my own person.

We have now entered the trojan horse of tribalism, willing to grab on near any difference among people (race, ethnicity, hair length, sexual identity, even religion) as reason of those others badness.  The end result is the crippling of ones God given critical thinking ability; something my aforementioned liberals seemed to see as the enlightenment of understanding.  stifled by unquestionable rules, regulations and especially interpretations of universal, or near universal grand abstractions.

Just as the Scribes and Pharisee ridiculed Christ for hanging around with the poor, sinners and unwashed; asking why some alleged holy one would choose to engage their time with “losers”, seems incongruous to self sanctified surety. Privilege does not “get” what liberalism is about. They only see it from the subjective, as a threat to their own entitled dreams and fantasies. But as Christ is said to have said; Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.

{Interesting; the background message, that the soldiers then through dice and picked over Christ garments. Opportunity knocking for self advantage at the expense of another.}

Conservatives do not seem to get the Golden Rule fully fleshed out into consciousness as a spiritual challenge. The same can be said with any liberating influence that is inclusive to the collective nature of existence. We do not live in our own isolated moral or ethical universe, as much as that appeals, but we re responsible for ourselves in what we believe. Accountability and responsibility sew us all together as the air, the ground, the One Earth we walk on. Yet from economic conservatives? Part up Creation and sell it to the highest bidder. Our way or the highway. It’s mine cause I got here first. Opportunism requires rationalization to feel good to a compromised conscience.

Deconstructing the Whole of Life

And so, for the privilege of entitlement to individual kingdoms, even democracy, and the freedoms and accountability’s implied by the Founding Fathers and our constitution, must be parted out to only the good conforming conservative kinds of people, and what they value. Hence “real Christians” and “real Americans”. Others need earn something in their view. Meaning, be like them or else. For conservatism in any of these ages, it is about following rules that benefit them first and foremost in some way, and challenging inclusive rules which Being seems to imply others are as us as well.
My favorite Liberal song? Amazing Grace.

As in any of these ages, the system of opportunism is set up to both tempt and to validate itself. Modern world conservatism is being headed by opportunist to program kinds of subjectivist thinking that permanently excludes the others—(“bi-coastal elites”, “eggheads”, “hippies”, “gays”, “illegal immigrants”, and the list of the undeserving goes on and on from the right wing.  Why?) .

The intent is that; They know not what they do. , is to be rendered into a permanent mentality or mind frame to use as capital. Notice conservative paradigms filled with us and them; The good or holy people and the bad ones; The hard working achievers and the lazy etc. Even to point that out to them, will cast you in their eyes, as someone parting out an us and them. To that they say “class war”, unfair!  So you become an easily dismissed hypocrite. Again. Listen to the conservative news sources and hear the exclusivity of worth for yourself.  The brainwashing goes on day and night on pulpits high and low; separation from the Whole.

Just as spiritual teachers came to show the way to openness and inclusion, we each are so challenged. I am challenged to see past those bad folks (whomever mine are to me), to see why they believe as they do. If I have food to eat and my neighbor is starving, I am challenged as humans always were; Do I share, even selfishly, knowing that the gesture will be returned when I am in need? Or do I hoard, negativize the other, make them seem inhuman or some kind of failures to not be encouraged. Alienation.

If so, I have retrenched into a subjective paradigm cosmology. I have taken in Life as if it is a threat, and Love as if it is to be hoarded and parted out only to the worthy in my view. My favorite liberals emphasised the imperative for inclusion and union into the nature of all existence.  Takes courage and fortitude to new heights as defined by these favorite Liberals.

The Sacred nature of Being is a threat to self made gods worshiping at the trough’s of materialism’s excess, status and privilege. The new neo-pagans may call themselves Christians, monotheist, Humanist, Buddhist, Liberals or Conservatives, it does not matter. It is about whether I am open to Life as it is now, or have conserved some selective advantage to my own specific survival without concern for others.

Liberalism should be conserved into its own forms of conservatism, as ridiculous as that may sound. The Founding Fathers codified these truths into a statement on government and the human condition. This is what my favorite liberals have shown me. It is like being intolerant of intolerance. It does not make me a hypocrite because I say I am against intolerance and m intolerant myself. It makes me one in harmony with what I believe as truth, as an imperative for an inclusive life in One Life.

Liberalism? It is called every negative name under the sun these days. It is for peace and accountability. It is for compassion and empathy. It is for understanding even amidst disagreements. It is for open hearts and open minds. It is not always pretty, nor right in any absolute way. I do not always “get my way”.

I am thankful beyond measure, that the Lights of Liberalism I have displayed here remain beacons when storms gather and ignorance pushes on the gates of wisdom. It is why their Light is eternal, and will not be extinguished.

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  1. Liberalist, “intolerant of intolerance” Best definition I’ve yet to hear. I love it! Does that make us intolerant too. . . ???? We strive to embrace. . even so.

    “While I know myself as a creation of God, I am also obligated to realize and remember that everyone else and everything else are also God’s creation. This is particularly difficult for me when my mind falls upon the cruel person, the batterer, and the bigot. I would like to think that the mean-spirited were created by another force and under the aegis and direction of something other than my God. But since I believe that God created all things, I am not only constrained to know that the oppressor is a child of God, but also obliged to try to treat him or her as a child of God.” –Maya Angelou

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