War Goes Wild Robots

As war becomes more and more animated by robotics, will we end up like that Star Trek episode form the 60’s? On it, alien folks, but like you and I, had their name come up on a computer war program, where they then reported to the extermination machine. This mechanical rendering of war thus kept the waring folks from ruining all their other valuable stuff and planets.

A Taste of Armageddon

I bring this up because of the technology advantage lure that is pushing countries like the USA to automate warfare. Nations with the know-how think it is A NO-BRAINER. All is fair and all that. Use your advantage like in any war. Drones, fake insects, beams, whatever are doing the cave dwellers in before they do in you.

But back in Swish cheese land of tunnels, they consider you a coward for not having the nerve to encounter face to face. Meanwhile back on the job, Mike or Mary report to work in Nevada or somewhere to guide missiles onto targets. Then leave the job to pick up the kids for soccer practice.

What then seems to be happening, is there is more emotional disorder with the day job warriors than the hot fire on the ground ones. For the virtual reality combatants; They see destruction, they imagine what happens to other humans, then they go home to their normal life, tucking the kids in at night in peace and quiet. What happened there, when that computer glitch, apparently sent the rocket into a different neighborhood than intended? Heck, that’s war? It’s them or us? Some nice frame that will make a terminal oops feel nice and cuddly?

And with the fleeting nature of secrets, as in the protracted nuclear war race, that fly that can go give a bad guy or gal a terminal rash or nanobots nasty. what happens when those flies come home to roost, and everyone seems to be using them? Oops. It was a good idea at the time. You had to be there. We never imagined this would come to this.

Then will we decide enough is enough? Let the computers fight the war , while we will pay the real world price with clean and simple bye, bye machines.

—- you Star Trek!

The TV made me do it.