Tweeter, Twitter, Whattwever



img_2685_2Tweet.  Tweet?

Breaking Blog. Anybody still blogging?

Small time blog critic at large branches out into other area’s he knows little about.

I should add; I do not wish to know.


Benafia gone hard wired conservative!  Extra!

I have enough of a life already. I do not need to stuff yet anther piece into it. I’m lucky if I check my E-mail every month.  If I start doing something else, the next thing, this blog would go dormant.

But Twittering? Ain’t happening.  Not interested! (yet?)

But it’s kool and you’re a fool!

Doesn’t matter. I’ll let other thought out news sources tell me about all the important stuff on Twitter after it actually becomes important. I don’t care if 10 people a second are in a Twit over something. Congratulations I guess. Have enough followers or whatever you are looking for on the next new thing yet?

What do you mean you will know the end of the world is coming before me?

I heard the next new thing is Kaputnic. Not sure what it is about, but I’m sure after a certain threshold everyone will have to get Kaputnic. It is about an emotion of brokenness one is having at the moment, or something connective like that. Really a must for the must not be left behind from still being relevant crowd. Invest now, or be a permanent loser left in the forgotten past.

I made that last part up.

In a Twit over Twitter?

Join Twitters anonymous.

Tweet, tweet , tweet…

Chapters forming on an Internet near you.






One thought on “Tweeter, Twitter, Whattwever

  1. I don’t get it 😦

    I don’t know anything about twitter (tweeter?)

    Confused a bit… have to go google it now. I have heard a passing comment about this… we’ll see.

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