A Late February Day

It’s late February, and we are to toy with going into 90 degrees the next couple days.  At least in the middle of summer it may not get 10 degrees warmer, certainly not 15.

From around here as of today;



-Latest adobe/concrete project will become a small pond and plant area where one can sit and look at fish.  It will also serve as an anchor for a sitting area in the back yard with some overhead shading where vines will grow.  Maybe wisteria.  Greenhouse with tomatoes growing at left.  Some of these walls where here.  I try to keep what others have done and invent something new from there.  I have added to and altered the walls from block to softer adobe like appearance and eventually color.  The newly added area will blend in when final stuccoing is done.





A moment reached into absence

a dream fell from its mooring

spinning as a feather

snowflake melting

downward until

it was earth

teeming abandonment

ants and pill-bugs

grass or twisted leaf

small and countless

forgotten everywhere

right outside our door

this bottom floor

of Life


A dream was free

freed to wander

not tethered to night

to fear, lust or compulsion

beyond sensory deprivations

quite bountiful solitude


not aspiring to memory


Oh what company!

lost rhymes

broken treadmills

love that grew up short

seeping as cloud fallen rain

taken into nothingness

without a struggle








surrounded by nothingness

beyond spacetime

where love is all

one thing









Tornadoes and Gravity Waves

NOAA Photo Library Image - nssl0056

“Rope” or decay stage of tornado. During “Sound Chase”, a joint project of NSSL and Mississippi State University.

Image ID: nssl0056, NOAA’s National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) Collection
Location: Cordell, Oklahoma
Photo Date: May 22, 1981
Credit: NOAA Photo Library, NOAA Central Library; OAR/ERL/National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL)

You never know where research might lead you. In this case, the Gravity Wave research on thunderstorms might increase the warning time for tornado likelihood. The Science Daily story below goes into this phenomenon.


Always To One

Always To One


A cloud evaporates at days end

soon a heaven filled with stars

a gathering of water held aloft

shifts from invisible to visible

then into unseen again

but while it was

it was some of what we each are

a drink from all of our ancestors

from you and I

all represented

including future earthlings

all in one small cloud

same with us

all of One Thing

whether seen or not

conceded to or not

One Life knows no boundaries

edges become illusion upon inspection

yet illusion I can insist

is all I am





but nevertheless

really One Life


Truth is at the door

before the closed eye

solid and floating

certain in doubt

a nose on my face

ignored by proximity

unprovable if all I claim

what I see before me

is only a cloud.

Our Garbage Dump: Is Earth’s Cancer in Human Minds?

That human opportunity amidst finite environments produces a fatal consequence is beyond doubt. This truth about human impact on other humans and the earth is attaining global consequence. For some, this consequence will be denied to continue expansionist mindsets irregardless of fact and reality.


( )

How are good ideas and mass achievement somehow becoming deadly?

It might be called “the good life”, or “making it”, but it seems about fantasy fulfillment and not about the whole of reality. Taking grand opportunity is seen as a gift to be realized, a dream to be fulfilled. Modern humanity is encouraged to go for both; be all one can be, and be proud of the magnitude of ones achievements. This paradigm, however, is often divorced from the effects of human behavior upon finite ecosystems and effects upon others. It is then detached from reality, yet often approached as if it represents self realization itself; ones own holy grail.

Delusional thinking, thoughts unattached to actual consequence in the real world, is widely perceived as a good if there are major short term benefits to those doing the opportunistic thinking. This formula for self inebriation is driving humankind into a wall. That wall is also known as the truth. Truth must be diverted from consciousness. These negative larger impacts are to be diminished and denied for ones own benefit. This sets up desire for rationalizations which will condemn the questions, while praising the ego for its opportunism; the material world coming to represent ones proof of attainment as a human being, while others wishing they had what you have, validation of your success.

Opportunist, particularly in business, have proved ready to deny scientific evidence of poisons being emitted into the environment by their doings. From pollution of the waters, pollution of the air, pollution of all kinds. If you can make money and people want what you have, that is apparently the extent of your duty to the Whole of Life.

The Opportunist Challenge

It is understandable that those who rationalize exploitation of environments unattached to real world consequence, will be welcomed by the eager opportunist to assuage cognitive dissonance and other senses of wrongdoing. From think tanks to infiltrating religious institution, self validation will be highly desirable to disable democracy and send it down wedge issue dead ends. Yes. Democracy implies a whole commons for citizen influence as a collective. Democracy is a threat to holding polluters, opportunist, and other violators of The Commons of Life, accountable. It becomes a good for some to render Democracy superfluous. Nothing like emotionalized issues to grab attention from more sterile scientific thought.

Opportunist then need generate legions of “believers” in a kind of anti-science, or pseudo-scientific rationalization. That industry is cranking mind pollution out by the day and night. Those enticed into denying scientific evidence, will seek out other evidence, but it will not be based on a rational logic dialectic. It will go overboard, where it will be taken on faith, along with some debunking (the science is all wrong) rational. A fact based objective oriented approach to defining reality will be seen as a negative, even an evil influence, for it seems to threaten unbridled fantasy from being extended from the ego into The Commons, so denial to the context life exist in becomes necessary for self delusion to maintain its noose around perceptions neck. Once rationality is blinded, the self can be lead most anywhere on trust and faith, no matter how misplaced objectively. God and nation will become fair game in this diversion of attention.

-Balance, pollution, success, crisis, opportunity, achievement, blowback, self realization, excuse, accountability, responsibility, exploitation, survival, saving the earth from fatal abuse, God vs science. All these things plus many more are in the mix. Unless humankind gets real instead of being seduced by opportunist looking for their own small world kingdoms, we risk Life on earth as we have known it. Human attempts at unaccountability have become the earths nemesis as material growth has become worshiped as an only answer.

We treat earth as a garbage dump because we deny our connections of choice to larger consequence.

Have a sunset from today. Thanks to One Earth.


Governor Jindal’s Response to Obama Speech was…

Governor Jindal’s Response to Obama Speech was…

In my opinion;
Take reality and put it into a blender; blend well and discard. Make up new old values that you and your party hardly have followed last many years, and declare them our new vision. Set next to a flowered vase of abstracted platitude. Plus. Seems I am running for president.

Now mix in many false dichotomies (government either is useful or not, and so is not), to create an illusion of major difference with the ways of Washington. The Reaganomics that produced this mighty mess, declare it to be just the seasoning required for a new American pie. Remember, this is about appealing to faith without reality backing it up. Ah! The majestic view of a theoretical rosy scenario. Awesome. This is to be the desserts answer for the wise and fateful.

Follow this recipe for the Nirvana of a nation; Do nothing about the economy or health care if it involves the demonic government. He even used Katrina as evidence of the failure of government to answer crisis; that very government that Reagansim is busy drowing in the bathtub. Uh? What does one expect then? People will magically buy homes, get healthy even if sick and poor, discover new energy by getting more carbon footprints(drilling), and fix natural disasters all by themselves, just keep the devil government out of your way. (A predators dream of no regulations) Unless, I imagine, your company, your state or church will get big bucks from it. Usually no complaints about that. (Louisiana has benefited much since Katrina from government and other US citizens help, contrary to it current governor’s confusion.)


I contrast the above response (or my opinion of it) with Obama’s inspiring hands on approach that does not live in the delusion that We The People doing things as one nation is intrinsically evil unless we are looking to catch and kill people. We must soberly watch out for the users and abusers of The Nations Commons, but act in Common Faith with as much factual intelligence as we can muster to address the trials of our times. Why just months ago, Treasury Secretary Paulson and Bush were seeing the light of government response as an imperative by situation, instead of just being as deer in the the headlights of reality.

Being like a one way cult, by only saying no to our Common Nationhood, is nothing but an ideologically induced diversion of the ability to respond to life’s challenges as they arise. The Governor above painted the Obama address as a negative one. Must be why it seemed to create a brimming optimism as the speech ended. Who needs that?  And I think Jindal should know that the American public are seeing the conservatives claims of wanting to be bipartisan as meaning do what we say or we will do nothing.  Just 3 Senators could muster the courage of response to face reality on the stimulus bill.  Naturally as cults do, those few are being shamed.

But if we are really a nation of some 300,000,000 ones and only’s as the Governor’s philosophy conjures up; which one of you guys or gals are going to fix the Interstate Highways? Must be only you since I’m broke. Do one of youz have a freezer big enough to reverse the melting ice caps? (or plan to drastically cut carbon footprint) Another one of you guys going to stop overfishing? Gonna ask another one to control themselves? Just asken’.

History has shown over and over, that if the government acts like a devil, at least in a democracy you can have a say. But if government is essentially corporatism, we become as slaves to a government in which we have no say. Both parties have been allowing, with our seeming blindness, the corporation to rule our lives. It is up to you and I to decide if we trust one another in a Democratic government more than we trust someone else making a self centered short term dictatorial profit decision off of us.  Either way we will live through the consequences, just as we are now.

Reganisms magic faerie-land wand wont cut it.

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Milky Way Galaxy Whiplash

Milky Way Galaxy Whiplash

(The Andromeda Galaxy. Now more like a twin.)


(Thanks NASA)

Andromeda, here we come ready or not.

I’m putting lead weights around my ankles right now.

They say the sun is going around the galaxy center at nearly 600,000MPH with great fuel economy. That’s about 160+ miles a second. So be careful when anyone says wait a second, cause we have no idea where they will be by then.

Of course, what actually is, still is.  That is still the same, so our ideas changed.  Now if I could only make up my mind how fast I am actually going while I’m  sitting down typing after a hard days speeding through the universe….

For the real news on this revised size and relative speed of our little world, click on link below.


Galactic Collision insurance for sale. Hurry, before the Sun goes red giant!