Hurray for the Superbowl!

Hurray for short Superbowl Post!

As is traditional for some of us men, come Superbowl Sunday, I can go shopping in near empty stores! Well not exactly. There will be lots of women shopping, but the male zones will be wide open.

Traffic will be easy as well during the game.

We need more Superbowls and Super other obsessive event must see who is going to win thingies.

Thank you NFL!

No mater who wins, we win!

Why Should I Get a Blog?

Yes You can go get a blog!

No need to just watch us make fools of ourselves from afar.


I debated on getting a blog for years.  When would I have the time? I had no idea how to do it. What does it cost? How much computer speak do I need to know? Stuff like that. Until I became convinced by just about every blog host that there is nothing to it, and many are free.

After returning to a number of blog host many times, reading up on them, I decided to take me and my little Mac Notebook to WordPress, and never looked back. WordPress keeps improving things, seems the intend to stick around. Not long after I started, WordPress upped to 3 Gigabytes. Then I started uploading photo’s which I could decorate my blog with.

If you are thinking about blogging, it is so simple. All the design issues are on automatic pilot for us WEB novices. I took my time, at first using the default one, then I went looking around for themes (Wordpres has dozens of free ones that are nice.  This is one simple one. Widgets and settings will let you further customise your blog.

These were basic (non technical)ways I could customise my free blog. Then upload whatever I would like; the days doings, my opinions, what is going on in the world, my life stuff.  Basically the things you see as you surf through blogs, but never ventured forth into creating.  Since you are a unique person, your blog will be.

And if you think you are too slow at typing, time will change that, don’t worry about it. One day you’ll be flying at about your speed of thought and wonder what happened to all the looking for the right letter and all.

{Time will improve your spelling, if you are like me, but it will not necessarily do anything if I do not check the spellchecker, or if I fail to read over what I just typed. I’ve found errors in this post, then fixed them.  My basic grammar issues are another thing, a little harder to catch at first.}

You are the expert at your life. Whatever that life is, it is of interest to someone. People will visit your blog, if you want them to. You can even have private blog, like a notebook on the WEB. Keep it your secret if you like. All up to you. All I have to say for exposure is; put in a few tags and categories for your post each time if you want us to see you. That makes your likelihood for visitors much better. That said, I come across Uncategorized post now and then, which you will be if you do not assign it some relevant words. I’m certainly no expert on this visibility stuff, but it seems like your title to your post is noticed as well.

If you are waiting for the time to blog, only you can determine that.

See you on WEB.

Or not.