What do the UFO’s want?


I know?

(The above image is part of an old painting of mine.)


This post considers the reality that may be behind the hoaxes, and misidentified objects. Going to Youtube makes all these available as is.  Since I saw silver spheres with a friend, I know they exit but not what they truly are.


Dennise Kucinich said he saw something unidentified in the sky, then so many of us snickered. There has been that consistent (seeming?) problem of an incredible lack of hard evidence, and those oftentimes alternative explanation for what people identify as being unidentified.

I think I am a rational person, so I thought UFO’s, the kind from beyond the earth piloted in some way by sentient beings, was a possibility. Why? Well the universe is incomprehensibly vast, and seems to be packed with suns and they often with planets. Some planets will fall into our known inhabitable zone. Ours just happens to have a semblance of intelligent life. Or how we homo sapiens view intelligence.


Since childhood I have seen a few highly questionable events in the sky. These remain questions. In Tucson Arizona one day in the early 1990’s. I and a friend were in the backyard. I said something like; Look over there. There were four or five visable silver spheres seeming to shift around up in the sky several miles away. Trees blocked the view as they went off to the west.

Upon seeing that you just think; Well, they are not UFO’s. Something would happen right? They must be something the government or the university is doing. Weather balloons. But I don’t see why you would have a bunch of weather balloons shifting around, seeming to relate in movements to one another. A couple minutes and they were out of sight. You don’t know what you were supposed to do from relaxing the hot tub. Tucson has a big Air force base. Didn’t seem to be bothering them.

But now over the years I have seen these same sphere’s on alleged UFO video’s from around the world. South America and Mexico seem to have these video’s. I showed these to someone yesterday who saw the sphere’s with me way back when. We were transfixed with questions; Remember those? Yes! What are they up to? What are we to make of them being seen by so many of us these days? What might be right around the corner for civilization?

So keep on the lookout for these, and try to convince them we actually are intelligent and not just laughing at those who look up into space with questions.

Video’s with commentary seem OK to me , but when music is added, a particular atmosphere is being evoked, which may not help the seriousness of any considerations. My opinion on this next one which has a possible issue of the origin of the UFO’s.

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  1. As a related phenomenon; It seems someone decided to investigate the nature of life on earth, since we assumed it was all one thing–all related. They found there are two seemingly unrelated tracks. Life arose here some way independently at least twice. These are both carbon based forms.

    There is a 600,000,000 years on earth animal capable of space travel. It survives to 1 degree above absolute zero, and can also survive above 4oo degrees Kelvin. NASA checked it in the vacuum of space and found when water was added to this animals dehydrated state, it was alive and well again.

    These creatures may be able to survive space travel inside of large space rocks and make it to———Earth?

  2. I love your painting. . . I’ve always believed that life, even intelligent life, existed beyond earth. To me, with the vastness of the universe, it would be foolish to think not. I’m sure among the many gallexies, suns, moons, and planets. . . . other forms of life must exist. Why would life simply exist on one singular planet when their are perhaps thousands, if not millions, of planets in the vast universe.

  3. These videos were crazy… there were so many lights in the first one! I do believe in other forms of intelligence… I always look to the sky and wonder… but alas, I have never seen for myself. Cool posting

  4. I personally dont believe in UFOs. there is a very minute chance that life exists anywhere near our galaxy and even smaller chance that they are intelligent and still smaller chance that they visit us in potentially unreliable disk like space crafts.
    the UFO sightings that has been reported are either govt expts or mere haux.

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