Caroline Kennedy Withdraws

Update 1/22/09

Now the withdrawal by Caroline Kennedy is said to be true since she said it.


Update; 1/21/09, 9pmEST

Sources close to Caroline Kennedy say she has not withdrawn, that there is apparently some misunderstanding going on. Or something to that effect.—B


The New York Times is reporting that Caroline Kennedy has withdrawn from consideration.

Chelsea Clinton to take her place to keep nepotism strong. I’m Kidding about Clinton!

So it might be a Andrew Mark Cuomo instead.

Who said nepotism was bad? We seem to associate families as having the same character regardless of individual merit to some extent. Must be science.

Boston Globe
Kennedy Is Said to Withdraw Senate Bid44 minutes ago

By NICHOLAS CONFESSORE and DANNY HAKIM Caroline Kennedy has withdrawn from lunch on Tuesday ) prompted her decision to withdraw, this person said.

Barack Obama took oath of Office again Jan 21 2009

After the Chief Justice’s bad, Barack Obama took the oath of office again today to cover the stolen base.
So yesterday was all an illusion.

Justice Roberts Flubs Obama Oath Of Office

Jan 20, 2009 Barack Obama, second right, joined by his wife Michelle, far left, and daughters Sasha, second left, and Malia, not shown, takes the oath of