Barack Obama; a great president, or the greatest president?

The either one, or; as Steven Colbert would say.

Is it really too early to tell?


The “greatness” of a leader is always dependent upon those led.

Obama appealed in his speech to our commonalities and all that implies. It will be the appeals by others to our differences, which will have some measure of effect on those led. How these arguments converge in dialogue on the national stage will govern much about consensus perceptions.

In a democracy, this is part of being real. We should never expect unquestioned leadership, for if we do, we will forfeit being free. May the questioning for truth reflect my integrity, as a citizen of this nation in one world, and not exclusively my special interest.

Good wishes to the 44th president and his administration. It will not be up to them to prove themselves worthy of our hopes, but we who must. America was not designed as a one way street.

Happy Inauguration Day USA

…and a cautionary amendment to this post.

{The subservient culture; If the stock market determines our ideals, efforts and ambition. In short; happiness or depression, are these things really to be so hinged on the marketplace? If so; hope and promises may not overcome the momentum’s of fate in a world of finite material resource. The human spirit is much more than this.

Is happiness now at the mercy of how corporations (and the next fantasy having) keep consuming more and more of this earth to keep us allegedly comfortable?

I suppose cancer convinces the body it is for it as well, to avoid rejection. But consumption is what it does. Cancer wins at competition if allowed to. Then where are we?}

One thought on “Barack Obama; a great president, or the greatest president?

  1. I feel he’s really great! Is there really a greatest. . . .? I should hope not. . .because if that is the case, then what happens next. It will take a collaborative effort of We the People in order for him to achieve greatness. We need to remember that..else we may be disappointed in him, when we should be disappointed in us all. I feel he’s a great leader and inspiration . . . so now it’s up to us! Blessings as always. . . CordieB.

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