Moments of ONE


Water molecules

our prior breath and tears

slid off the backs of dinosaurs

floating in time’s quiet dust

converge and condense

one molecule

different space

unknown time

caught up in process

in billions of relations

between mingling matter

and its unseen inside

gravity draws together

whatever it is

pulling us all in

as one photon

departs another convergence

freed from ancient form

our most distant singularity

remains deep inside

carrying the message of


whatever that is

emerges from a sun

our spotlight in heaven

past gravity’s grasp

with innumerable other ones

exactly the same

all what they are

are they what all are?

In so many ways

unique to space

to times motion



light shifts pace

wavelength lingering

light collides

is re-emitted

stumbles out of wetness

whatever that is

pours out of a cloud

bumping my eye

tiny saline sea

then one cell

one receptor

one of many

electrons captured

corralled and deciphered

shifting from carbon

to silicon memory

whatever that is

the same

the symbol

these fingers

converging them

with direction

within process

with some intention

and now here you are

the one you

with infinite origins


or looking at a blog

a page of light


in so many ways

unknowing like watter?

knowing like being?

the nature of Life

moving with ONE