Good and Evil?


I am a believer in right and wrong, true and false. I also believe that these are not always clearly apparent to different human minds and hearts. We do not always understand everything.

I look into my past, realizing that I was surely wrong at times; wrong about perceptions, assumptions and conclusions, but at the time I made a choice for what seemed my concerns.

But what influence does uncorrected wrong have in consciousness? Can it be righted; by hindsight or redress?

Perhaps. It is certainly worth trying.

I can likewise look out into the world, the natural world, and not be certain where, if anywhere, it is wrong. It is.

But I am too in this world, and I am or was part of this natural world, so where has this wrong come from?

I guess it resides in me, or us collectively in many respects, for we do learn to blame well.

Blame does not feel good, I wonder why?

Blaming feels righteous, especially at the time. However, if I look back at the blame in my life, or the blame in myself as shame, it seems not a good thing. Then there I go quite innocently it seems, into the world of good and bad. This good and bad paradigm bleeds out into the world. I come not to like the way much of the natural world seems as well; it can get in the way of my needs being easily handled. My journey into evaluating Creation, and especially the environments around me, begins to fill with judgements; with obvious positive and negative cause and effects. Here then, I find myself subject and object of much dissociation.

Now I am in a new world, or a different world; one of my evaluations. This egocentric or solipsistic place, is ripe for new formulas to interpret my subjective situation. I am primed and possibly yearning for, good and evil, eagerly listening for their explanation’s of knowing. The fruit has been bitten, wrong has been transfigured. I can now blame and shame with impunity if the paradigm so suggest, for good’s cannot see, how wrong has become a lie, nor how a lie can exist inside my perception and be obvious outside as well, while all seeming to be truth.

All this talk has issued from this one statement I considered forming on Internet paper yesterday. The thought stemmed from the current Israeli and Palestinian crisis that has injected religious validating overtones; where both sides can call one another terrorist. Where both sides, though technically believing in the same Abrahamic traditions God, can consider oneself on the side of good fighting evil, equally on either side. Obviously this draws us into considerations of the origin of right and wrong. Yet it is easy, it seems, for it is a kind of curse (repeating temptation), to be drawn into the cesspool of blame, arbitrarily cutting off context somewhere in order to make oneself and ones cause seem the sole righteous one. Now I’ll write out the thought.

Right and Wrong can be True. It is when these are transformed by an accepted set of appearances into Good and Evil, that one begins to serve a Lie, yet not be able to admit it. In this truth, my heart and mind can be wrong, but my passion feel right and true.

Restoring oneself back to true reality then becomes a pivotal issue for a heart that seems in all ways, true to itself, yet is in a perpetual trap. The reality of right and wrong must then be returned to; The knowledge of good and evil rejected. This requires a transcendent experience to provide once again, clarity of soul. However this courageous reversal of wrong occurs, it will be obvious as daylight; I will end up loving my enemy as myself. I can apologise and admit my wrongs and mistakes eagerly. I have been made new.

I propose this truism:-

To believe in evil, is to open the door into that evil, possibly empowering ones characteristics of it. Allowing its attributes to become unknowingly invoked as good in fighting evil.

Evil is ignorance in action; where something feels as a known entity–an evil act by someone, yet the context and reasoning, and perhaps dysfunction in perception behind the act, is kept unknown.  The act is then amputated from actual; cause, while substituted attitude and emotional innuendo define the Appearance Reality regarding an act now likely contained in Consensus Reality parameters of “knowing”.

The result being; the believer in evil can become evils doer in the name of good fighting evil. The good deed betrayed by the ignorance invoked to the condemned act.

And this is one way, that by being wrong and not acknowledging it, a Pandora’s box is opened into consciousness.

In the converse, perhaps, this might be why it has been said; The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

We do not know every truth, every fact, nor every angle on it.


One thought on “Good and Evil?

  1. I will also note that reality is a concept not necessarily agreed upon by others; you and I do not acknowledge the same things as being real. Our subjective needs come into contradiction with one another. The individual and collective ignorance snowballs.

    Now we are faced with how to perceive one another; to understand by communication and connection, or worship our ignorance via my emotions. When separation and alienation become the operating value from which decisions flow, antagonism is a likely result.

    We create Appearance Realities by defining negative narrative for “The Other”. When you or I hear someone thinks less or little of us, we often “reverse the charges” and make the other the one with the negative charge.

    This is a common ego balancing ploy to avoid the issues at stake, and instead, clear perception of ourselves, our self view, by enforcing the ignorance in the equation onto the other. Emotional rationalization, possibly the seeking of friends and associates to join us in or judgements, attempts to load a Consensus Reality to now support our Confirmation Bias.

    Evil, quite possibly being proffered by ourselves, becomes manifest in the world view; our cosmological and spiritual perceptions, yet we can go on to fight evil that the other seems to relish.

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