Intelligent Design?

Hubble image of the nebula within the cluster

{Image Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)}



I consider myself one who values the views of science and of scientist, for their objective like approach to interpreting reality through observation. The Intelligent Design argument seemed to be a right flank move by some religious folks to bias the scientific method by casting a design net over it, seemingly to validate ones religious view on the God issue. Many people who have faith in a God, have been conditioned to view science as a challenge to their, (or is it Gods?), authority. Ultimately the individual is left with their own concept of God, and how this God is and what this God does or does not do.

There are historical positions from some church and religious quarters, that found science, and those who adhere to its presumed truths, as being contrary to Gods truth. They might go as far as to kill those who thought outside of the insiders box.  Some scientist and others thought this as well, being that they saw what seemed like institutional corruption, demagoguery and its hubris fortified authoritarianism, as not appealing to their faith in discovery, curiosity and rational reason. Curious minds need question the challenges in life as well as observation.


Now to switch currents, I recently came across a scientist blogger who was going on about life on earth, and considering life likely on billions of earth like planets. His point was on the absurdity of Intelligent Design; for how and why would this God be embarked on subjective designing of each livable planet as creationist seem to assume for us? It seemed absurd to this person, that the vast and near infinite cosmos would have Someone bothering with each and every piece of it. But where did this diminution of Creation or its Creator come from?

I look at the whole cosmos, that we seem able to perceive, as designed perfectly for life. It is not just Intelligent Design, it is Divine Design; for we seem unable to conceive of the necessary aspects of beingness that must be in place for life as we know it. I inject this caveat as well; We tend to limit Life to what we think of as organic life. Philosophically and cosmologically, this is a great presumptive error.

Think of the differing dimensions to Life as we know it. Yes, water and its many functions just happens to be a liquid in an amazingly small portion of the thermal spectrum for our kind of organic life, yet earth like planets are right in this zone, we know of ours at least. But energy itself, sifts orderly, mathematically out into the elements to create the diversity of expression we see represented in our worlds; from air to iron, you and I and beyond. The “same thing” unfolds to bring you to this piece on the Internet. Oh, but we are just starting on phenomenal design requirements.

How about just the color spectrum and what it differentiates? Then what about photons? We can be turned into photons, and might have been those once upon a time, true, but how else are we related? Much mater and energy can go back and forth and become reimmeresed in what it was or will become. This light showing us our worlds; the stars at night I see, have photons coming timelessly just to my eyes, yours just to yours, an incredibly personal existence and emergence/convergence/emergence.

The objects we see in our world, they reflect light to us from all angles, and all the time there is enough illumination for our optical receptors, giving each in view a full picture. Simplistically, Life appears like an all knowing Internet WEB provider, where every computer can find my blog with my personal words. This just in the nature of light. I cannot conceive of beingness representing an accidental happening.  Might be my bad, but I don’t think so. If so; what a Divinely Random fortune I found. What a Divine accident has happened; everything we see and imagine, instead of pure nothingness, Being. What luck; Life is. What else It is, is that there are things we cannot ever expect to fully comprehend mentally, not Creation and not God, or why Creation is instead of a blank. A Prime Mover seems obviously implied, whatever It is.


Think of the fullness of this Divine Design. I do say Divine, for it is immense in its unfathomable majesty, and from knowing love, belonging and loss, we are each immersed into this Same Thing, no matter how separate and disconnected our thoughts, others ideas, and moments may seem. We remain all of the above while being able to act and influence it all. This is a larger and more (if I can even say this) of a Divine Thing than I ever thought God or Divinity was while in those (threatened by science?), traditional religions. If in chaos theory a butterfly’s wing stroke might effect the weather patterns a year down the road, what of each of our own choices?

But perhaps, some science and scientist have their own bias and traditions to uphold, or cling to in the face of all this inexplicable until investigated and deconstructed into mental theory Majesty. For if I reduce myself to only dissections, the Whole of Life and Being may become harder to appreciate as a Manifestation. The Sacred Forest missed, while pondering over the fate of a dying trees fallen leaves. Can I see that even those questions fit in perfectly?


The Divinity within and all around; We touch It personally with our love.


  1. there is just too much order, too much meaning for this to be an unfolding from nothing.

    those who really don’t ask the question are committing an intellectual dishonety. Why does everything work so well?

    the truly open person can only come to one conclusion: there is something else at play. I may not know what, but there is nothing supra-, ultra-, or beyond what we can perceive and comprehend at present time.

    there indeed is an intelligence at work.

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