Tucson Gem and Mineral shows 2009

Tucson rocks! (somebody had to say that?)

Tucson Gem and Mineral shows 2009

With the economy as it is, it will be interesting to see how the gem and mineral shows go. I have heard a repeort from one person who comes here annually to buy raw gem material, that he thinks the prices will be good for buyers.

Anyway, the hotel prices are not doubled yet, but the tents along I-10 are going up. Yesterdays photo’s.



-One of my favorite areas is across the interstate and from here to a mile south. Many smaller tents and hotel rooms all filled with nature and its abstracts. Other parts of town have show areas as well, including Tucson Electric Park.

Yesterdays Santa Catalina Mountains, from the north-Oro Valley. Snow up on Mount Lemmon (to the left).



-and from the south in Tucson


Here is the link to the real info.

-44 degrees F in Bismark this morning, 70’s in Tucson this afternoon.