Blogging for naught? Use some Tags and Categories!

I don’t mean to be critical. But I have noticed an important thing missing in some blog post; Tags and Categories.

I occasionally come across a wonderful post, then see; Uncategorized. That is it! That is all!

I have made a mistake at times, posted something while being tired or busy, completely spacing on the tags and cats. That has not happened in many months. Uncategorized might be the largest reservoir of post, but it is not the most specific.

I have gone to some of these blogs with only one tag or cat, noticing all their post have just this one. Maybe some bloggers post just to get things out. Fine. Who am I to suggest differently?

But if you wish the rest of humankind on the WEB to have a chance, a good chance at finding you, put at least a few clues out there. Please! Or you might be missed.

Don’t go overboard like I used to do, putting a dozen of each to suggest any connection. They say that huge amounts of tags make your post look a bit like spam. I have found that a handful of each, or at least a few, seem to get seen without any problem.

Note to self; check back at this post later to make sure you said things correctly. I do have that problem at times. Might edit and forget to do spell check or read it over.

Oh. Yeah self; And try not to put a bunch of tags in here like; tags used, used tags, using tags and stuff, category stuff, stuff and stuff, mistletoe as a tag, and clog up the whole thing. And try not to put one in there about note’s to self OK?