Bush’s Legacy? Endless Excuses; No Accountability

Language remains the hiding ground of excuses.

There was something pathologically skewed about the presidents press conference today; Context are mixed up and assembled to sound good; Behavior is shaped by words, via abstraction, to “nobelize”, and so validate all actions that were obviously a different way at the time.

He even blamed the press for Katrina, reducing the whole issue to his fly-by, then creating a scenario, that if he landed in Baton Rouge, he would have been criticized for diverting security. Future presidents were said to be who will need to deal with all problems about Iraq. Entirely skipping the reality that he started this Iraq adventure in occupation. The 9-11 reason to excuse everything was also invoked. He then blamed the current economic issues on his predecessor; claims he inherited all negatives. Bush did seem to be sorry for the “Mission Accomplished” banner, which I remember they said was not really their doing, shortly after it began to be criticized at the time.

Interesting how conservatives so often have to do this stretching and mixing of facts and context to explain differences such as; 3 million jobs created under Bush, 21 million under Clinton. (The; Those who question me are disingenuous, trick. Then must target blame somewhere other.) The whole experience of this last press conference reminds me much of alcoholic thought patterns.

Good bye to the president of whine and self pity.

I hope he seeks mental help somewhere.

Anyway you dice it; We’ll be paying for it.

theclimaxan, a wordpress blog, has put the conference up.

George Bush’s Last Press Conference

Posted in Politics on Monday, January 12, 2009 by theclimaxan

Will Pitt’s summary of Bush


Condron.us as a WEB Ferris Wheel

Hopping onto another WEB Wheel for fun.

Recently I’ve discovered what might be an emerging trend of WEB sites that post new blog post in real time. There is some debate over the “hits” one receives off of these sites, being that your blog might be viewed for a very short time. I have found these by finding that my blog was receiving hits from them.

By my own viewing on these sites, I am not sure if a hit occurs just from my viewing what is put on my screen, or if that hit only happens when I pause the revolving blogs or otherwise click into them. It does seem that my comments have increased, perhaps indicating that a few more folks spend quality time at my blog. I am not selling anything on my blog, so I am not looking for hits for economic reasons, and am not aware how or if these are effected by these WEB Wheels.

I enjoy the random nature of blog views at these sites. I set my cursor at the pause button and pause most every blog at times. Personally, I go over their new post as a serious reader; check out their recent post and blogroll, plus what the post seems to be about. I have already linked to some by placing them on my own blogroll, and have placed the rotating WEB sites there for my own ease of access as well as for others to check them out.

I am not sure if these Blog Surfing Wheels, Blog Wheels, Blog Reel?, have a “real” name.

Sometimes, the WEB is a Carnival.