Fail Blog and Fools Space


Blog critic at large

(Criticizing other people’s stuff!)

Hurray for other People!


I finally went over to the Failblog for the first time, and found it failing.

A year ago I “failed” at a blog called Foolsspace. When you start a blog, you never know how popular it will be, depends upon a lot of factors, like the demographic available for visiting, if you know anything you blog about, and of course how interesting it all is. And I hope that you are not like me, and know about CSS and all that other WEBY stuff, plus have time and maybe money for upgrades once you become a Blog phenom. My Foolsspace blog intended to show the post makers own failed or foolish moments. I put up a poor photo of mine of my hand cut while putting up barbed wire. You’d think I had the sense to wear gloves. The photo showed something like a bandage with hardly a wound to be seen. A lame fool.

My intention of the blog was not about failing at some particular outcome, like the photo, but at my own admitted act of foolishness. Looking at the popular failed blog, you are guessing to some degree at what looks like an obvious error, but could have been a prank or an engineered “failure”. Otherwise, many mistakes or errors in judgement seem kinda like Jay Leno’s “Headlines”.

Since it is easy to point fingers at others (ridicule), but difficult at oneself, I am giving the Failblog a failing grade at courage. Sorry. It goes onto my new Lackofcourage blog. Not because it is popular, but because it is not encouraging improvement in the human condition, merely revelling in what seems as failure. We can learn from our mistakes, but making our lacks of perfection into public ridicule, as I do of the Failblog here, is itself a failure. Now this qualifies me again for Foolsspace. You’d think by now I’d know how criticism, particularly of the popular, goes; Thumbs down.

Oh, yeah. And if you spend all your time in criticism, you end up with a life swimming in criticism. There’s that!


Hey. We’re just having fun man. Lighten up.

Thak gooodnesss for spelllcheckerss orr I’dd quallify foor my new Bafooonblogg.

Just kidding about the blog.

You’d think spell-checkers would know blog is a word by now!


What did I just tell myself?

Look at my nice Christmas Lights!



No. I was experimenting at moving the camera and getting light streaks!

Sure. Sure you were.

I was! Honest!

Off you go to my new blog; LosersRus

But now I cannot show my experiments without criticism?


Get in the Losers corner. We’ll vote on your a-s now.


Can’t wait to drop in and enjoy al the losing.

You just spelled all wrong, and then didn’t bother to check the spell check.

Back into the losers chair.


Waiting on perfection?

Hypocracyhaven? Here I come!

Run from the Internet! It’s a Trap!

“…and heaven is in your mind.”


Really, it is.

Go check

or are you afraid of failure?

Hey dude.

Your talking to yourself.

Keep your opinions to yourself.


Off to Fools Space.

Where at least my dreams of making a complete public fool of myself,

come true!

OK. They’re true here as well.


Remember, as in politics post 2000; Nothing succeeds like failure.