So Many Wonderful Bloggers


From these leaves; evidence of a tree.

I was just trying to get some self education about blogging; what trackbacks and pingbacks are. I decided to hit the readomatic new tag search instead. There seems to be a lot I do not want to know about blogging, or being a machines apprentice while trying to relax my oxymoron’s.

Anyway. I ended up at a Blog Catalog; , where I could just pick my interest and check out spiritual and philosophical blogs. The BC made that easy. I did not register there yet. My blog is eclectic in many respects, so fitting into one category is odd for me. After looking at some philosophy blogs there, I thought maybe that would be the place. Not sure if you can spread yourself around, or if that is a good thing. there is a limit to getting on growing list. Alphainventions is fun as a roller-coaster ride, where you can be surprised about the view. I put that in there so all those Alphainventions folks I noticed dropping by don’t think I moved on, so to speak. We’re all exploring. Anyway’s.

All kinds of us out there, telling it like we see it, know it, wish it, insist it, and every other angle on being a human with an open mind and a willing heart. And yes, for some, just energy and an attitude. What a resource we all are, so many lives we would have never known; thoughts we would not have given. All now at pushes of a button or key.




One thought on “So Many Wonderful Bloggers

  1. Your blog is popular, I saw the number of hits and it surprised me that you don’t even know what pins and blah blah mean. No pun intended there.

    I’ve been blogging too, and for a while now, still, i don’t have a clue as to what they are. hehe

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