A Voice Amidst Silence

A Voice Amidst Silence


I am with you

down lonely roads

across busy crowds



You may not hear me

I am quietly here


to the degree

you need me to be


I am with you

a lure of water

deserts horizon

looking back

so keep walking


And in these forest

were life seems to surround

I am all around



as near as near gets

as far as you think

I believe in you


I am quietly watching

in your mind

in your life

from outside in

and inside out

listening in silence

to what you choose to hear


Hear this…

Hurray for the Superbowl!

Hurray for short Superbowl Post!

As is traditional for some of us men, come Superbowl Sunday, I can go shopping in near empty stores! Well not exactly. There will be lots of women shopping, but the male zones will be wide open.

Traffic will be easy as well during the game.

We need more Superbowls and Super other obsessive event must see who is going to win thingies.

Thank you NFL!

No mater who wins, we win!

Why Should I Get a Blog?

Yes You can go get a blog!

No need to just watch us make fools of ourselves from afar.


I debated on getting a blog for years.  When would I have the time? I had no idea how to do it. What does it cost? How much computer speak do I need to know? Stuff like that. Until I became convinced by just about every blog host that there is nothing to it, and many are free.

After returning to a number of blog host many times, reading up on them, I decided to take me and my little Mac Notebook to WordPress, and never looked back. WordPress keeps improving things, seems the intend to stick around. Not long after I started, WordPress upped to 3 Gigabytes. Then I started uploading photo’s which I could decorate my blog with.

If you are thinking about blogging, it is so simple. All the design issues are on automatic pilot for us WEB novices. I took my time, at first using the default one, then I went looking around for themes (Wordpres has dozens of free ones that are nice.  This is one simple one. Widgets and settings will let you further customise your blog.

These were basic (non technical)ways I could customise my free blog. Then upload whatever I would like; the days doings, my opinions, what is going on in the world, my life stuff.  Basically the things you see as you surf through blogs, but never ventured forth into creating.  Since you are a unique person, your blog will be.

And if you think you are too slow at typing, time will change that, don’t worry about it. One day you’ll be flying at about your speed of thought and wonder what happened to all the looking for the right letter and all.

{Time will improve your spelling, if you are like me, but it will not necessarily do anything if I do not check the spellchecker, or if I fail to read over what I just typed. I’ve found errors in this post, then fixed them.  My basic grammar issues are another thing, a little harder to catch at first.}

You are the expert at your life. Whatever that life is, it is of interest to someone. People will visit your blog, if you want them to. You can even have private blog, like a notebook on the WEB. Keep it your secret if you like. All up to you. All I have to say for exposure is; put in a few tags and categories for your post each time if you want us to see you. That makes your likelihood for visitors much better. That said, I come across Uncategorized post now and then, which you will be if you do not assign it some relevant words. I’m certainly no expert on this visibility stuff, but it seems like your title to your post is noticed as well.

If you are waiting for the time to blog, only you can determine that.

See you on WEB.

Or not.

What do the UFO’s want?


I know?

(The above image is part of an old painting of mine.)


This post considers the reality that may be behind the hoaxes, and misidentified objects. Going to Youtube makes all these available as is.  Since I saw silver spheres with a friend, I know they exit but not what they truly are.


Dennise Kucinich said he saw something unidentified in the sky, then so many of us snickered. There has been that consistent (seeming?) problem of an incredible lack of hard evidence, and those oftentimes alternative explanation for what people identify as being unidentified.

I think I am a rational person, so I thought UFO’s, the kind from beyond the earth piloted in some way by sentient beings, was a possibility. Why? Well the universe is incomprehensibly vast, and seems to be packed with suns and they often with planets. Some planets will fall into our known inhabitable zone. Ours just happens to have a semblance of intelligent life. Or how we homo sapiens view intelligence.


Since childhood I have seen a few highly questionable events in the sky. These remain questions. In Tucson Arizona one day in the early 1990’s. I and a friend were in the backyard. I said something like; Look over there. There were four or five visable silver spheres seeming to shift around up in the sky several miles away. Trees blocked the view as they went off to the west.

Upon seeing that you just think; Well, they are not UFO’s. Something would happen right? They must be something the government or the university is doing. Weather balloons. But I don’t see why you would have a bunch of weather balloons shifting around, seeming to relate in movements to one another. A couple minutes and they were out of sight. You don’t know what you were supposed to do from relaxing the hot tub. Tucson has a big Air force base. Didn’t seem to be bothering them.

But now over the years I have seen these same sphere’s on alleged UFO video’s from around the world. South America and Mexico seem to have these video’s. I showed these to someone yesterday who saw the sphere’s with me way back when. We were transfixed with questions; Remember those? Yes! What are they up to? What are we to make of them being seen by so many of us these days? What might be right around the corner for civilization?

So keep on the lookout for these, and try to convince them we actually are intelligent and not just laughing at those who look up into space with questions.

Video’s with commentary seem OK to me , but when music is added, a particular atmosphere is being evoked, which may not help the seriousness of any considerations. My opinion on this next one which has a possible issue of the origin of the UFO’s.

I – 19 near Tucson: January 24 2009 photo’s

-The adobe structure on the left, although someone once put a metal roof to preserve it, is falling to pieces.  Whole sections are down.


-I came up on this at 65mph.  It was going about 50.  I got the camera out an managed to get most of it across the seat.


-The “White Dove of the Desert” San Xavier mission.  It is on a Native American reservation, just southwest of Tucson.


Life Goes On for a While: Aging still mandatory


And here I was several years back in my early 40’s.

A friend showed me this photo the other day. I said; “Oh, yeah. I was all worn out when that was taken.” She said; “You always say that about your photo’s.” No. I thought. Late in the day ones, this one particularly, I know I have. I have had an amazing string of eyes closed photo’s. I keep my eyes open for the photo to be taken. Then, as time drags on I figure I can blink. Blink and hear the click. Like clock work. The sleeping through life guy. I have avoided having photo’s taken since childhood.

This photo was taken by a this friend while I was visiting. I am wearing a second hand store shirt in it, and trying to recuperate after 9 or so hours of outdoor construction work. The afternoon temperature was well into the 100’s in those Tucson summers. I remember the first time I saw this picture. It appeared in a 2×2 inch frame. Good, it is tiny, was my first impression. Oh, I thought it was OK. I was not blinking as so often in my photo history. Yet I could see how exhausted I was. I had showered and all that after work, but those summer days can be very draining, even after coffee the energy level did not recuperate.

I bring this up, for now when I looked at this little photo, I could barely tell I was tired then. I can see it around my eyes a little, but now, I do not think of the photo as being as bad as I always thought. I wondered why this perception has changed?

Now that I am somewhat older and grayer, does the fatigue I was feeling at the time not register cause I feel more fatigued more often now? (I am writing this while I am trying to avoid having my back go bad from doing a bending over project for a few days.) Then again, now I am older, and older caries its own kind of appearance changes. Maybe I am associating a younger me with a more energetic me, so the tired part from then is less familiar now from the old context. Could be.

Enough about me. Or the photo thing, anyway.

Life does go on in our awarreness for this while we are here. I remember wanting to get older while a youth. I’d wonder what the mature me would appear as. If lucky(?) one gets to discover the changes of being older. The reverse, however, the waiting to get younger, now lingers in photo’s and movies, perhaps in writings and in stories of what one was like before, before more recent history came with its paintbrush and axe.

It seems weekly now, that someone I know, or a close friend of theirs, has a parent die. My generation is entering this last run in general terms; most parents will exit and be gone before long. It is different for me. Add up my parents deaths in years ago, and compounded, they’ve been gone for well over 80 years. I grew up with this part missing, for I faced my parents deaths in differing dates as a child. And no, there was no actual substitute for them. I feel much empathy for my friends elder parents losses.

Other elder parents we are are monitoring, are accidents happening; monthly incarcerations into hospitals (falling a number 1 issue), hips breaking, parts being removed, hospital stay creating new health issues. This, while for some of these seem not to be acknowledging the wall coming; that “for a while” eventually comes to an end. It will be right here at hand, immediate, one day. Many are always at that day. The; “It’s a blink of an eye.”


Those of us who have close brushes with death, can sometimes come away with enhanced values for common things great and very, very small. We live in a dynamic Creation, where everything relates to us. What we do does effect all else. We cannot grasp the exact magnitude of our connections and relationships. Close connections often loom in proximity. These days, I would go so far a to generalize that we often try to deny our connections, thus stemming any pressing needs to review responsibilities and accountability’s. This seemingly evasive need to avoid awareness, endemic to the ME individualism paradigm, has cosmological consequence as well.

All this said; love, or passionate connection and awareness for well-being, is something we can be certain this Life needs for a while. No matter the abuse, the loss, the betrayal, the times love seems taken away, in the simple act of returning It by giving it, there is restoration. For a while, I can always offer something up and into Life in this way instead of taking something out. I can discover all the new dimensions to the same Big Life I am a part of.

I can seek to make myself indispensable, for a while. I can know now with confidence; after this while is passed, Life and Love, the same “things” I am a part of, will persist. What I can add to these is the mandate of the eternal now.


…trying not to blink-