Second Life Illusion

Some thousands of people are often on or in what is called Second Life. It is an obvious sort of phrase to call an alternate pseudo reality, but…

We exist in life as individuals and as extensions of prior life, hereditary and cultural. This life is current life, or a kind of secondary life hybrid.

Then there is what you are making of my life’s words here, an alternate reality called you and your perception. Your mental sphere is controlled by information and pattern conceptions, some of which do not owe allegiance to reality, or true life. I, and you, also have our own virtual reality inside of our own interpretive and imaginative cognition’s. Some of my life is real and some surely imaginary, but I do not necessarily know the difference.

So far, just in my consideration of the moment, Second Life could be called Fourth Life, or some tertiary life down the line of lives operating at one time.

Then there is the reality we know intimately or somewhat familiarly as life; Existence, Being, The Universe, whatever It all Is, may itself be a form of virtual reality. Where we are actually living, as we seem to be, perhaps within a Cosmic Computer of a sorts. A Grand Consciousness (God) may well be manifesting all we know in ways that we cannot deduce down to ultimate true dimensionality’s.

All that seems so real, may be a form of illusion or dream in Ultimate Reality, of which we seem not privy to comprehend in any entirety. In which case Second Life is an interestingly reflective phenomenon replicating Ultimate Reality in a superficial way. Lets call Second Life (the human computer invented one) the mirror image of a Fourth, or further down the line, imitation of life definitions operating at one time in my own life. Although, I’m not going there; not to the mirror one where I can spend real money on imaginary land.  I’ve got other illusory real things to do.

If one is schizophrenic, this may all grow by multiples of complexity. I’m glad to meet me.

But Second Life is surely down the list of separated out life truncations.

Have real yet?


One Receiver

This Island of being

from shores far and invisible

waves come and slip

bottles was up

wherever I look

polished smooth

riding waves and sand

then I reach down

or inward

pop out the cork

receive a message


These come as they will

or by the Will of the Sea

I receive them each

mostly one at a time

but how far they traveled

how near the sender

I can only guess

until they speak to me

nearer my language

closer to my history

or less familiar


I know these bottles

represent a real voice

but how many voices

I can never know

I might be fooled

they were all sent by one

one seeming they are many

or appearing to be diverse

I know for certain

that I am

my island

my one reception

one receiver

where my soul is

waves come and go

yet I do what seems same

walk down to the Sea

bottle in hand

asking or stating

my perceptions wander

sent off by a push

tide receding


Bottles keep tales

of secrets and self

of souls stranded

by this Will of the Sea

where we are left suspecting

love has somehow sailed off

leaving us alone and stranded

but loves loss haunts a negative I

a cause of atonement and assertion

that ocean does not separate us

forever alone inside


We are greatly suspicious

truth and love cannot be divided

the ocean too is one mover

our islands are connected

in realms beyond sight

there a vast ground

that surrounds the Sea

holding the Sea upwards

more near to reflecting Light

making exchange possible

from water onto land

from hand to heart

heart to seeing

alive as One


A setting of community

of choice and each

accountability for it

where truth is uncorked

flowing directly to love

or left sealed away

from one receiver

one today

one Love

a way