Life is Big, so, What about Us?: Reflections on the Self and Creation


We are the feelings extending to Origin. What does that mean? We unfolded out from Creations point of initiation, or whatever its Cause is. This might be so obvious, that I can be obvious to It, yet our lives are based on the fact of existence. Whatever time we go back to, however far, we are one with Life. The only way to get around our connections to our own depths, is to deny them.

The mind is very good at this not knowing of connection, since not a one of us knows everything, we can claim any amount of individuality, as well as separation, from others and the elements of Life. We do seem to be out of touch on the surface of things; I am here and you are there. I can walk outside into a warm morning, yet later in the day be surprised by rain or cold. Distance appears to us as obvious, between the things of Life and our comprehension of the processes of Life.

As much as I can be wrong about my interpretation of the environment, it does not mean I am not a part of it. Not only a part of it, but a part whose history extends back to the beginning of existence; this universe is. There is in some respects then, a secret self; a self that is connected to all Life whether I know it or not. My ideas do not determine the reality of what brought me here, though they may effect the reality that is here by both my thoughts and actions, and again; in ways I do not necessarily see or comprehend as existing and implicating everything.

It is curious though; I am myself, little old me, and I am related to everything, even stars so far away I cannot stretch my sight enough to see them, yet somehow and in someway, all inside my own history. I and you and all, are one with the essence of what is. We are a kind of destiny, just from our situational positions. Little you, whether well loved or lonely, (but more prescient, perhaps, for the alienated), are an integral part and expression of everything. Quite a history of all things is present in ways inside of each and every thing. We live amids an ongoing Revelation, where the surface has an appearance of separate identity’s, much as individual waves in the ocean, yet the ocean is still what we are.

Now imagine being wrong about all these connections and relationships. I can claim they do not exist, that they are somehow irrelevant to my view, or how the surface of things seems chaotic and random. Why I know so little of the real world beneath me as I look out over a vista. Yet I do see and feel something grand when looking out over a vista, or into the night star-filled sky. Why? And why can I invent my own realm of disconnected perception, where all this interrelationship and its implication, are shoved off of my perception?

Ah. But these are my impressions from the surface. They still do connect to truthful reality if known to me or unknown. It seems logical then, that acting in ways that do not respect the reality of these relationships will produce dissonance, and even conflict. Yes, conflict even in me from my own ignorance of me. We are caught in this seemingly inevitable trial; In what dimensions are we in harmony with the truth of what is, and in what ways we are NOT comprehending our connections to all things? If we are not in alignment with the processes of Life, we will have trouble.

HST image of NGC4603 with supernova

I suggest that most of our personal as well as international problems are rooted in the substance we do not comprehend, allowing separation and alienation of our identities to seem as unknown or hostile in the world, yet feel real. We can go on from there, to institute our surface view of disconnection; a feeling that Life is not a universal Entity, not one we all belong to in a conscious way. Life then appears to us as a whole different thing, a mostly unknown happening. Or even a place in conflict with my ideas of being who I am.

We have instituted our illusion as an aspect of reality, then created a whole cosmological paradigm based upon the difference we see on the surface. The depths of inner relationship are below our radars. Politics, religion and other claims of knowing what Life is, become self defined over differences in our subjective knowing. I can go off to a church and feel I am in closer proximity to the Divine, not comprehending the Divine surrounds me. The Divine, infuses us. It is we who chose how not to see It, to, or not to sense It, to act in Its interest or a severed awareness of our own.

The Oddest Blessing

The problematic nature of the individual is mandated by our life’s attentions to the surface of things. The more I focus on the occurrences around me, things like chaos, randomness and entropy seem as inherently damaging to my positions, while these very “things” are necessary for the existence of life as we know it, including all we love about being alive. Being that we are not all knowing, we will have problems of perception and identity. We will be mistaken, and quite likely, perpetuate our mistakes out into reality, where they will meet with realities judgment of dissonance. The odd thing is; This situation of seeming inherent disharmony with the nature of things, is itself a compass. The question is; can I tell what the compass it pointing to, or am I just stuck in the fact that I need realignment somehow and seek it on the surface of things?

I can externalize my problems to people and situations, confirming that my sensing from my emotional compass are pointing out at things to make right as I imagine they should be. I am not saying we do not have things to do and fix, as well as perform to make things right in the world, but do I know why those things are or are not sanctioned by Life Itself? If my ego identity is involved with achieving some result in the world, it is quite possible reality will not be in alignment with me.

Do I really know how certain things in the world should be altered to fit in right with me and all of existence? I doubt it overall. I am right about what to do, if I am right about why I do what I do, and if that is coming from an integral sense of being. Otherwise, am I doing things I want to do just because it seems I want to do them? There is a profound difference in the self conception of who I am; where I begin and end, as well as what my natural mandates are and what I am imposing on Life.

You and I are also the legacy of light. We are the children of what the universe and all is. Our hereditary makeup is undeniable, except through surface censorship. What is my vision of who I am?

Whether you agree with me or not, you are made up of what is the Testament of Creation. You are connected intimately to what we call The Divine, or the Source of Creation, and so is everything around you. We manifest Its Cause by seeking that ocean of beings Soul. It is in both the surface of the waters, and the unfathomable depths. This is who and where I am. Do I bother to look beneath my own surface?

We are not missing true connection to Being. It is in our perceptions and their presumed self interest, where awareness of my own identity is whole, or broken. To seek truth, reunion, becoming aware of connection, is to pick up the seemingly missing pieces of perception, becoming consciously linked to a Cause that surrounds all that is. Now our interest, is everything.


Todays Sunset

There were some very nice cloud formations today.

I was out stuccoing some block walls, but managed to come in before sundown to get a few photo’s.

These clouds are on the edge of a weather system storming into the west.  The jetstream seems to be down here.  These high clouds were really moving fast.  We are expecting rain to begin possibly by tomorrow.