This post is for the 6.? billion of you keeping track of my latest tooth tale.

One particular molar sent me to the dentist two years ago. It needed a root canal. That pushed my raft down the canals of Venice without a map.

OK, not Venice, but it did take me on a two year, 1,500+mile journey through modern American dentistry.

First, it ended up taking about 1.5 years to finally get the root canal. Various; the x-ray does not show the problem. Me; but I have the x-ray from the first dentist who found the bad root on the second photo. Its a root in the back. She took a side photo of it and found it. I told the dentist and or assistant this about 8 times. The usual antibiotics. Thousands of dollars later, with everything else done to my mouth that I could afford, then finally the root canal.  Now so obvious since the other two front roots were abscessed and easy pickings by the ray gun. But wait!

Well. The dentist blew out the side of the tooth and gave up on the root canal. Months later I get re scheduled, then finally had the root canal done. He learned to take an x-ray after doing each root, leaving a metal wire in it to show up on the photo. It was cool to be able to open my mouth and see the light coming out after 12 x-rays. (kidding about the light)

So far this tooth has taken 9 whole days out of my life. Now. Well last Tuesday, I had to get up at 3:30 in the morning to take the 150 mile trip to the dentist to get the cap taken out (2hrs) that ended up being declared bad one minute after being installed. Seems it had a hole in it, which apparently the dentist did not notice until too late.

So I had the permanent cap scheduled for impermanence 60 seconds after installation. There goes more days; and now. Soon. Coming to a mouth very near to me. Another permanent cap. My. How dentistry has improved over the ages. This tooth can tell you, I’m tellen’ ya. Now this tooth’s two year journey down the various canals and back-washes of dental history will come ashore. Once more I will be able to bite into an apple! Well, no. I cannot just bite into apples without worrying of something breaking, but that has been true for 45 years.

And that is how I am lead around by the tooth. Tooth #18 over and out.

Did you know Venice Italy recently had flooding? I know!

Let’s go flossing.

My Rock Festival for Winter 2008-9 via Youtube

Oldies but goodies for now.

I’m going to try to put songs on that I like. I noticed some do not allow embedding as usual. This first one requires more effort than I trust the rest will.

Sarah McLachlan - Sweet Surrender

Sarah McLachlan Sweet Surrender (C) 1997 Arista Records, Inc.

(Language note; this next song does have the F word poignantly used once in fast passing.)

Sarah McLachlan - Building A Mystery - 1997

You come out at night That’s when the energy comes And the dark side’s

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