Eastern Timezone breaks into 2009

This breaking news.


The Eastern timezone has gone a year ahead of the rest of the nation.

Is this some new idea from Alphainventions?

Now what do we do?

Hey. Just thought I’d call you from the past. What is it like in the future?

Time will tell.

Happy New Year

but more importantly


Happy New Moment

From the past


Working with my preexisting masonry back patio

I’m currently working with my preexisting masonry back patio to make it able to hold a vine covered arbor/pergola. I have added wall parts and removed others. A little pond and plant spot will be to its right but attached to it. It will help hide support for the walls that were not anchored properly, while making the whole area more attractive. Fireplace is not used as such if you were worried of…

-on a bright New Years eve in 70 degree weather.



2009 Tucson Gem Shows Coming Up

Here is a good link to the Gem shows in Tucson for 2009, starting Jan 31



Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase – January 31 – February 15, 2009

For two weeks every winter, the world meets in Tucson as it becomes a bustling, international marketplace of buyers and sellers at the Tucson Gem,

We may have someone coming in from out of state for the shows; meaning I might have more photo’s and video this year.

Update; January 24 2009.

The tents along the frontage rows along I-10 are getting loaded up with earthly wonders. Folks were working in them at 7:30pm on a Saturday. The room rates are not higher yet. The official shows start on Jan 3 I believe, but secret-private shows are probably starting right about now.  it is said some really big deals occur before any of we public know the shows are even started. One example I heard of was 40 million in ruby(?) crystals from the military going (I guess) to high tech (scanners?) at the time.

And in case you might wonder; When the shows end, some might stay open days later with big discounts on the remaining items. I bought several salt and quarts lamps for 2, 4 and 6 dollars a couple years ago. Differing organizations have their own schedule’s during the upcoming 3 weeks, so you have to check the info more closely for specifics. And there are many opportunities otherwise for bargaining with many of the vendors.


Today’s end of the year temps. in Tucson? Mid 70’s!

Of course the Gem show time is known to be cool and stormy, or almost steamy near the 80’s. Most often some 60’s and 70’s mostly clear days. Many people from around the world getting tans at their tents or outside their hotel rooms. Not so much inside the big tents and auditoriums for sun bathing. We get to walk in the sun outside of many hotels and parking lots with minerals and gems and beads and assorted arts and crafts parked out in the open.







Day After Christmas

img_2520It is the next day. We managed to have Christmas on time this year after many plane cancellations from NYC pushed arrival to the day before. But last night we opened our presents at about 10PM, after dinner and all. We are expecting possible snow later today.


-Below: Daisy selects a gift to take into safe keeping


-and Christmas lights. Distortion on purpose



Christmas: Sold to the Lowest Bidder?


Christmas eve pyracantha

I’m just sayen’

They say the more one spends on Christmas, the less happy one is.


All that time out consumerizing oneself, instead of having heartfelt Christmas time with one another.

But I thought I could buy love.

No. Not really. I’m just sayen’.

Merry Christmas


Odd, how the dearest things are free.

That last minute Christmas gift?

It’s us.

Daisy joining in


The real meaning of Christmas?

Could it be Love?

I’m just sayen’

Happy New Year!

Sunset Photo’s 1st Day of Winter

I was outside stuccoing with a short sleeve shirt on (near 70 degrees).  I had to go in and wash my hands after looking up and seeing what was going on weather and earth spin wise.  Sunsets here in the Southwest can be a dally show stopper.



What love will do

This video conveys a quality that sometimes, it seems, the poor know more.

While fear leads many separated souls to seek comfort in commodities as an insurance policy of apparent love by accumulation, others may know it is in how we stand by one another, not from fear, but from love.

It has been said that one has it all if you have your health. Well. That may depend on what we conceive health to be exactly, for if I have love and give love, I am found full were I am.

If you are alone, you are mistaken. Look to the love you have for life, not what you do not have, but what you do; this chance to change, this opportunity to care, this love stored in yourself that can shed all the lacks in life, then tap the artesian center of my own life, Love. Love demonstrates what I have by giving it. Now that is Christmas.