A ROYAL RUSE: On the Subject of Subjects

Cultural commentary from a proud iconoclast.

Hey. You. Iconoclast guy. Didn’t you hear pride cometh before a fall?


We were watching a bit of PBS doing a British Monarchy thingy. They followed the queen around to show how important the Monarchy was to British subjects.

People do get all guffawed over the whole scene. Otherwise dignified folks prominent in their fields, get in a nervous titter over the Holy ones coming to bless them, more or less. Many seemed to become as children to a parent figure, seeking praise and respect, a fateful blessing perhaps.

Personally, I liked how the Queen seemed; She seemed a conscientious and thoughtful person. But being an iconoclast. I would not go out of my way to see her if she was in my little town.

The same for our soon to be ex President; His lowness; The Bush. A quarter to one fifth of our population thought he was good enough to lead our country, once. I never thought he was good enough to lead my dog for a walk on a leash. I would not have trusted that man with watching my home over a weekend, let alone the nation. That sensing was certainly not agreed to by all. Yet some did and still do treat him, well, like royalty. They would have followed him anywhere. And we are; down the economic meltdown ladder of anarchy capitalism, and might makes right morality.

I think that is the difference between folks like myself, who do not take titles and pronouncements of position as a true indicator of manifest human quality, and those whose knees get loose over them same exalted ones. I might just as well spend time with the guy or gal in the produce department in conversation, than with Bill Gates for instance.

The giddy pyramid schemers of ego association by need, with their constant self esteem perks offered by money, position, and fame, in other words status, do need wannabees to worship their wake. Unfortunately, it seems many do not know the difference between status, status seeking, and fraud, as well as the whole hierarchical concept of seemingly intrinsic superiority, again, offered by money, birth position, a crown, or cool badges and their uniforms with hat.

It could easily be believed that I am bitter with my own lack of status. But I have all the status I need; a connection to All Life. It does not get any better than that. And that is awe-inspiring to say the least. Every human is a wonder of Creation. I am not going to prop some up in intrinsic value just because an institution has embedded within itself that perceptual bias. Talk to me through your robes and riches, your titles and perfectly straightened teeth, and I still may think I just saw a clown. No undo offense intended. Clowns are often fine people I imagine.

I am a bit bitter over the waste that can be produced worshiping icons. Icons never are what they seem to be subjectively. They are living abstractions; often caricature’s of what we all project toward them to work with in the ,’You are the Best!’ department. That mall of attention allows some to feel propped up by others apparent opinion. This can all be a house of cards, yet one may never know. Whatever it is, in the existential self importance of attention sending and receiving; often in that department, quantity is more important than quality. The quality may not even be considered; a crowd is the proof of value, or a big paycheck.

They showed one woman subject of the queen on her perpetual journey to follow the queens coattails to seem important (hundreds of times?). She would bring various family members with her to get close to the queen, and then seem to have some kind of active report with her highness. While this woman was being interviewed, someone told her something to the effect that this greeting by the queen looked to be only for the children. She told the guy; ‘Well then, They’ll just have to make me move.’ How generous.

I appreciate the role that some spiritual leaders seem to fill as being a focus for other individuals symbolic attention to The Universal. It does seem that some actually think, as in cults, that this particular person actually is the one and only conduit to The Meaning. While down another aisle in the shopping mall, another store claims to have the one and only One, the True Source.

Yes, I am a bit bitter. If only these subjects of the icon could recognize a deeper connection to The Spirit of Life than a surface point power presentation assumed possessed by one, or a few earthy persons. The individual, you and I, we each have the same right of self association to what is Grand, Infinite, and all Loving. Once found within, Its obviousness is perceptible everywhere and in everyone outside of my own eyes. The queen and the subject are fundamentally the same.

Chasing after alleged icons becomes unnecessary. While being a subject of the the All of Life, or whatever you might think or feel has manifest Creation, makes ones mission relevant where ever I am. Saves a lot of time and expense on traveling to important spots. Might even save film and programing, being that to have meaning, one need not find the trail of sole meaning icon.

I have much respect for the nature some leaders have demonstrated. The Dalai Lama is a great example of someone both in a seemingly exalted role, yet persistently being as everyone else in apparent relationship equation. I do not notice, beyond the Tibetan Buddhist “look”, any sense that he feels superior to those in conversation with him. He does profess to know what he knows, allowing that to stand on its own. He utilizes reason.

Certainly, many leaders do not control how their followers treat them, nor seem to extend much opinion, that I know of, about the following. But this truth remains; if you are inspired by the words and actions of another, they are in some ways your own; they met with agreement in your own spirit. It is about time some of us stop worshiping other people, and instead, worship what is Divine and Royal in all things.

There is a vast difference in the nature and the limitations between symbol and reality. As much as I can appreciate tradition, being attached to my own rituals in life, rituals and symbols have the possibility of growing hollow yet remaining unquestionable. It is conscious life, where change and intention are most near to heart and mind.

And I trust you know how I feel; Do not take my word for it.


Subjects in rebellion?

Feelings being extended by their absence to the president Bush?