We have this day to focus on what our lives mean to us; what everyone and everything adds to our life.

It is in some ways much like Christmas. It is often said, that the true Spirit of Christmas should be known all the other days of the year as well. So it is with Thanksgiving.


The approach of winter seems to suggest that ends are near. Life seems to enter a suspended animation of a sort in the natural world, particularly in the 4 prominent season areas where these particular Thanksgiving Day traditions of honoring Life seem to have gained their current qualities.

I encourage myself to adopt these thankful and giving spirits for the days to come; To be thankful for what comes and goes in and around my life. These give me my experience, along with my connection to the world of Life, every day. Never a down time.


(This photo of the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade from the back yard to the planting of the flag in the front entry of a grandmothers house in Texas. The marchers are beginning to gather, waiting other instruments and marchers.)

With giving thanks, I look to where I can give back to Life. I’ll look for need in others and the world. This act will encourage my closer connection to the life that is mine. May it grow through my gifts of love to the things of my life; the people and places I am with. These have no end of season. I may not have much to give in the material sense, but in the sense of giving the most valuable quality Life possesses; Love, the well is only as dry as I allow it to be.

The Thanksgiving Day forecast here, is for rain.


(Thanksgiving dinner photo in Tubac AZ)