REALITY, ILLUSION AND CHANGE; Radical Honesty Avoidance


Now how would that look?

We have heard of; The change we need; The right change; Change we can believe in; and of course; Change for changes sake, a curious change. The question of change is; What is changing?


Is the outside world changing to suit me better? Or am I supposed to change something about me for things to get better? The former seems simpler, for instance; Tax money coming back to me? What nice change. Definitely for that one. I think all it needs are some officials to sanction it, and then; Things are changing! Incoming money!

The latter change, practically forgotten now over the glee of my imaginary purchasing power, this other change, the one where I change, well, I’ll have to think about that one. What exactly is this change alleging to do for me? Does it involve me doing with less? I’m not certain what I can just give up. Just what does this proposed change going to require me to do differently? I’m kinda set in my ways.

And that is how it seems.

It is so seductive to be for that change that changes others, or makes the world do better things for me. Change almost too good to be true.

Why I can practically just sit here and let that change happen. But for me to change, that becomes the directly threatening one, or it threatens me with an unknown, an insecurity. Changing me can even seem implicitly wrong; What is so wrong with me anyways? I try to do what is right. Why should I have to suddenly be different, conform to some other way of being? who figured out I need to change anyway? What are they really up to?

This change, the me one, is seductive in its own way. It prods me to favor not changing. Why, I like things just the way they are. You, and whomever else, should just mind your own business. Yes. Very seductive. And that is why that change, the change me one, is the change that would change everything.

That change takes courage, conviction along with radical honesty, qualities often not known to exist for long in proximity to self important human egos. We are taught to assemble our worlds into well kept displays of achievement or success, to make something of ourselves. Have a good and rewarding life; love and friends. The strange thing about that assumption is; that I am not already something. Even that all things are not already quite something.

Human egos are prone to not knowing unbroken love; a love that extends outward to awareness of all things. The change that seems easy, the one about changing stuff, that change is the one used most of the time to steer directions. But how readily do I see changing how I am to benefit the whole of creation, the environment for instance?

It is kind of odd, looking to change ones situation by changing other things, especially since education, and to some extent the “school of hard knocks”, are thought to in some ways change oneself toward a better ends. Those changes were welcomed or endured as self change with some sort of goal in mind. Education, however, as conceive of in institutional education, is seemingly approached with the idea of somehow learning to change the outer world to benefit oneself, along with maybe family or even society.

The oddest thing, however, is that change is what space-time is, they, as part of we, never sit still, while my ideas can sit in a kind of stagnant zone. Ideas have a seduction of their own; they can conceive of real things and unreal things as one thing. They can also tag my identity to their abstractions, their symbols. I can say I am a this or that, a WEB philosopher let’s say, just because I fancy myself one. I can brand my own identity to seemingly changeless abstractions, an feel quite solid about it.

The mind can become its own kind of cave, where I can be safe from that changing world. Safe from all that can harm, and safe from the unwelcome challenge; the threat of uncalled for change. Most of us are most comfortable with retreating to our own caves, to the extent of making them quite precious, some of these cave walls are filled with our familiar routines, our own closely held rituals. We can even seem compelled to create our own oasis cave, away from the desert of strangers and their doings out there in the great big random open.


I remember changing the channels as a child. I would get up and turn the TVs dial. It would click to the channels numbered on it. No problem. But once the remote came along. Well could you imagine it, the way we go through the channels now. It would be an aerobic exercise just being a couch potato, jumping up at times every few seconds.

One of the most seductive aspects of change in the outer world comes from the life that seems to be made easy by technology and invention. So many changes. So many resisted and moaned over as they came. And now most of us could not imagine living without a car. You going to ride a horse to work or to church? To a bar?

We seem to lust over certain change, the promised easy life kind of change, and not recognize that something else changes as well, everything. By becoming conditioned to the easy and lazy change, I can miss the change in perspective that to, changes everything. Many of us get older and think we are kinda done, and now are retired or going to have some self involved good life of our own making.

The naked loneliness of a concept of individualism has changed many of us for the less. We do not see, and may well not wish to know, the lives of others across this globe. We may want our 4 wheel drive buggy to run over the desert and mountain paths, all for my fun. Implicitly not wishing to know what our wheels or our exhaust consume and spit out as waste. Yet these things, all of these things, are important to everything. The illusion is that we can just change one thing, grab the benefit and not continue to change from it. That idea becomes a kind of walking and talking insanity.

Now you can see why I put that consideration of radical honesty in regard to the human ego. If I just won a lottery and am looking to cash in on all the good change it entitles me to, I don’t want to hear from those who would tell me that all that travel I have planned would be a bad change imposed on our whole environment.

Hey! Other people are doing it! I get to travel the world and be in comfort as much as anyone else! Who are you trying to kid? From my newly endowed perspective, I actually want some information kept at bay. Keep me in a bubble of implied ignorance. I an even set up psychological and emotional mechanisms to blame anyone who points out to me that if everyone did what I was doing, the planet would expire.

Note the cancerous philosophy of ever increasing growth our societies are addicted to. Many were armed to the teeth to shoot down the “doom and gloomers”, the Luddites and the rest. It is a way of defending oneself against the consequence of ones actions by demeaning someone else as the “kind of person” who wants to restrict unbridled growth. Thank goodness this notion does not hold sway in medicine as far as tumors are concerned.

Honesty. It is not just a theory. If I ignore my impacts on the world that happen continuously, if I was honest enough, I would wonder why that reality does not impact my view of myself. The earth as a whole system is what nourishes all of our lives. To have disregard for it, and instead, impose my fantasies upon it without awareness of systems impacts, is quite living in a land of delusion. One where my ideas do not change along with the changing nature of nature.

Most of we human beings are living in such a state; where we do not want to hear of what negative change our so called positive projections for ourselves produce. It is perhaps, a fatal mistake of our take on life. Something of us must have changed, and not for the better, if its result extrapolates to the crash of earth ecosystems.

Yet the lack of radical honesty encouraged by materialism, consumerism, and its implied imperative of ego deficiency, changes us without we necessarily even noticing it. Even changing that channel dial became a more serious occasion at our house, when whomever held the remote seemed to wield a grater influence than the rest of us.

In all of these external perceived changes, there are always internal ones as well, often to self definition as being entitled to “good” change, and biological impacts from changing the nature of human body use to an often less active state. Not all changes are adjusted to in positive ways since the often lack of foresight in the sought after change seldom encourages that honest look at what might change for the worse.

We tend to let our fantasies select our decisions rather than wisdom. Wisdom has even become perceived as a drag on opportunistic change, with its mental paradigm aligned with unbridled exploitation of environments. Once again, stagnant ideas can be inserted to keep radical honesty, courage and commitment away from selfish desire.



Then there is radical change; the one that acts as a wake up call from a self obsessed nightmare.

While disregard for all things continues to effect and change all things, it does from an ignorant or quasi contemptuous opinion towards the restrictive implications of knowing “too much”. Cigarettes lasted as long as they did as a vice as long as an individual could frame their effects into inconsequential or questionable dimensions. Not enough honest negative “proof” perhaps, or a ego centered declaration of “It’s my body and I’ll do what I want.”, as if the rest of our lives connections are merely collateral damage bystanders*.

But when a crisis disrupts our daily lives, intruding upon our caves safety features and routines, we can be changed into a new and clear perspective; Life is fragile. What am I doing? Where have I been going? Who is in charge? All this love taken away, then coming at me out of nowhere, from everywhere. How had I not seen it before?

Someone might have died suddenly, or a traumatic event showed you how strangers will give the shirt off of their back for you. You, another stranger to then. Just because they can see you need it now, and they can do without it. Yes. No matter how rich or bad anyone has been, strangers we complain about in the abstract as “those kind of people”, will become your angel, your messenger from God.

The change that changes everything is the respect for all things now discovered to have been sealed off from us, while it being right out in the open. Our caves had not a window to know of their presence in such an openly connected state. It is my perspective that is the key to real change.

It is oddly; to judge not, but to receive and respect what is. Then Creation becomes ones alliance. The cause of Love is seen for what it is; a perpetual love creating machine. While Love cannot be conquered, I can change enough not to see it. I can believe in other things enough, not to respect It. I can fashion a show of horrors to prove of Its absence, and still, It is.

Change becomes obviously powerful, trans-formative, when I forgive my own ignorance. I have judged much without honest evidence. On that, any of us, no matter how previously mistaken, can be restored through radical honesty. This is humility for my perspective in life, allowing a new view to accept things more as they are, without blaming an emotional state or reaction in me, as someone else’s authority. It is always mine!

I am Change

The key we all hold within our hearts.


{I quit smoking over 30 years ago and drinking alcohol over 20, in concern for saving my own life and respecting those I love.  This does not mean I do not consider another an equal if they do smoke or drink.  We never actually know where another is spiritually by specific habits.  Anyone engaging in “earthly” habits could well be light years ahead of me in certain spiritual perceptions.  Assumptions and characteristic judgements by appearance can be wrong.}