We come with our computers

our shelves fill with memory

dust in uncertain hope

formulas and recipe

looking for digestion

serving experience

to instincts hungry teeth

synapse and syntax

decide on seasoning

unlocking jaws

as beavers

all the time



What is missing?

It may not be known

yet it may be gone

some molecule promised

the receiver would be there

in good reason

and yet

something went by

all alone waiting

never to be recorded

a vagrant


What is vacant


invisible traces

a past is vanquished

dirt thrown over its eyes

burnt out candles smoke

fills in profound silence

lingering in wait of

things promised

yet never found


As these hound

what was and

what may have been

walls to walk through

dreams to carpet ride

feet to cover over

strolling along moments

past far horizons of time

turning backwards




If we one day


as in recollection

its strange freshness

what was said or done

appearing as just


feeling quite alive

a moment ago



If one day we notice

coming at us and into us

time from its ball of yarn

some sameness from

beginning to end


always was and will be

but cannot be recalled

feeling not only haunted

not only stalked shadows

around every corner

so close and blank

but with each step

near became far

a wheel spun out

our missing reminders

sought harbor in Creation

were wound up inside

only to be unraveled

then wound up once more


Life is unlocking a door

opening, passing and closing

spaces come with reason

a chance to darn worn socks

the holes can be filled

I spin up memory

imagine what could be

to reach across the divide

to replace what seems

so clearly absent


Now we are bent

through angled words

like seasoned storytellers

finding endings are beginnings

recalling tales of each knit circle

straight as a temporal arrow

a line knows and shows

wound and unwound

fallen then risen