Now I saw Palin as an overall negative for McCain. Even McCain could then be said to be someone for McCain to blame; after all he picked her. I mentioned Bush was to blame, or thank, as well a day ago. The GOP seems ready to blame some nebulous selfish behavior on many of its members in government who took their eyes off of the conservative ball. How convenient. Where were their own eyes?

Others blame reality; that Republicans could not win in the current environment. (Yeah, but, playing on terrorism’s reality was just fine for a long time here.) It becomes an exercise in unaccountability to blame reality, as if the facts conspire to undermine ones view on life and government. Curious. Kinda like blaming breathing for the pollution problem.

The real issue is how philosophy or ideology, or ones cosmological view, bump into the facts of life in time. Too many people became aware of the truth in America. When the truth is allowed to become so apparent; it becomes problematic in trying to overturn it.

The more blaming of just one individual we see on the defeated conservative side, the less likely they will reconstitute under an umbrella able to keep the rain’s of reality at bay. Even a diffuse fog of blaming people who abused their position of trust in conservative circles will not keep the wetness away.

My view is that as long as they gather around a philosophy that claims narrow ideological conceptions of freedom, as where individual initiative can happen, they will run into reality downpours all the more. The world and all of our lives are extraordinarily intertwined, much more even than in 1776, or 1865.

The idea that I can just wander off and do what I want to whatever I want and none of you all should give a damn, unless I am throwing rocks through your windows, is absurd beyond reality recognition. Yet when these very types saw how The Commons, under the collective stewardship of government, was laid out before them to be picked over and plundered, what are we to honestly expect? Exploitative opportunist do not tend to take the health of The Commons or the rest of us and the planet into account if we seem to reduce their appropriations.  why the must be knee jerk against taxes. “Individual initiative” was encouraged to have at it, or more accurately, have at us.

Predatory capitalist plunder is the high moral tone we are left with when unaccountable individuals are sanctioned as “success” or hidden behind the supposed character attributes of “individual initiative”.  If individual initiative does not take reality and the connectedness of life into account, it is patently delusional and will appeal to those who require delusional rationalization to explain their state of denial.

The self serving definitions of freedom and responsibility of the right need to grow up and into the modern world with all of its obvious interrelationships. Attempting to keep a public base in some kind of dark over the interdependency’s of life on this planet is narrowing a base to the kinds of folks in denial of even the earth revolving around the sun. Ignorance, even if draped and adorned in definitions of religious faith or ego based conceptions of self grandeur, cannot defeat reality. Call them patriotic, or the true carriers of grand abstractions of God and country; talk will not defeat reality forever. Truth is haunting.

Can conservatism become more about conserving true values connecting to every American irregardless of situations, truths that are not just found in abstractions sheltered from the test of reality? I’d like to hear a conservative message that transparently binds us all together, and does not play us off one against the other. That will deliver enduring kinds of victory no matter who “wins”.

But blaming Bush alone, when who was it demanding that everyone stay loyal to party or else, no matter what all these years?  Did not here many voices speaking up from conservatives as I recal.  Oh, but now they all know what was right from wrong all along.  Right.

Time to get real.