[I put these thoughts down in response to the Obama euphoria in some places around the world. I do this not to ruin folks good time (my own included) but instead make their expectations more reality based. That is where hope eventually has to meet its place in truth. It is highly unlikely that any political leader will ever deliver on the desires held by all their supporters, being that those expectations are under their ultimate control and not the leaders. Example? Barack’s election took more than hope to meet reality. Human beings actually had to do stuff, and lots of it, for a symbolic change to take place that seems to have occurred in an instant.]

Oh no!

Why does reality have to show up?

We never know the future quite like we would wish it to be or expect.

Voting for president is best in a democracy, if reality and factual information based. Unfortunately, most of we normal citizens do not know all of what political and economic realities are. That some Americans, and people of the world, are thrilled for the Obama win, and others, frightened, is true. Yet these do not know all of what realities a president functions within. I certainly do not.

These days, most anything a president does, for instance, tends to have repercussions around the world. The world is now known to be dramatically interconnected. A program started at home in the USA, may mean foreign assistance gets cut back somewhere useful. This could make some supporters angry.

The progress on any issues that progressives may have much hope in, may well creep forward, if at all, at caterpillar pace. Economic and political realities cannot be erased overnight, nor a hundred nights. We citizens are as responsible in some respects, as any of our leaders; we put them in their and must continue our support and our criticisms through time. Wiping my hands of this after an election will most likely help maintain the deteriorating status quo’s here and in the world.

If I am opposed to the new administration, I must do more than call names or place all blame at their feet. Propose what the answers are, or where their plausible reality lives. While if I am a supporter of the incoming administration, remember where reality is. Our hopes and dreams may well be from the mountaintop, but that mountain is standing in a great depression of history and ideas world reality is immersed in.

As powerful as symbolism can be, it remains checked by facts on the ground. Those tedious truths are where progress moves forward from. Yes, it can leap from some places to a higher one, but we must consider from which platforms jumping is good and which will likely be beyond our actual strengths to have a safe landing.

Reality based thoughtfulness cannot be substituted, as we have learned these last 8 years.  We have also learned that a policy of doing nothing in many other areas, can be as bad as doing the wrong thing.  For many of these, change is a seeming imperative.

Hope’s audacity eventually will encounter where the truth resides. It is critically important that when we move quickly as a nation, it is not a crippling leap forward that leaves us unable to move anywhere, but down.