And just for some perspective; This president setting election may well have not happened this day, if it were not for George Bush and Sarah Palin. The track records of those two and their party, may well have done the most to make this historic day possible.

For that at least, Thanks GB, SP, and the GOP.

Of course, Barack Obama has his abilities along with a unique angle on the electorate, which came of age this election. And I have to mention all the young energy and outstanding organization he mustered. An American phenomenon.

A lot of hopes and dreams seem alive tonight. Congratulations to all American minorities who may now take note; that how you look or where you come from does not forever place you into a lower caste. You can be who you will here. Look up and see how far your vision takes you.

Now may we come down to reality and have a reality based government.

I pray that the opposition does not get treated as they treated theirs. Likewise, I hope they work for the good of the country first, instead of ideological purities that assume that there is only one right way to believe or be a human being. America was created to be an inclusive enterprise.

Congratulations to all Americans (me too!). May we live reality based; not from the greed of our fears but within the promise of our possibilities.