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How McCain Could Win

by: Greg Palast, t r u t h o u t | Perspective

Two Obama canvassers prepare their pitch before knocking on registered Republicans’ doors in Arvada, Colorado. (Photo: Kevin Moloney / The New York Times)

It’s November 5 and the nation is in shock. Media blame it on the “Bradley effect”: Americans supposedly turned into Klansmen inside the voting booth, and Barack Obama turned up with 6 million votes less than calculated from the exit polls. Florida came in for McCain and so did Indiana. Colorado, despite the Democrats’ Rocky Mountain high after the Denver convention, stayed surprisingly Red. New Mexico, a state where Anglos are a minority, went McCain by 300 votes, as did Virginia.




First off, I could not imagine voting for McCain. He has been a go along with the unprecedented culture of corruption we have witnessed over these last nearly 8 years that have bankrupted the US:

With these claimed conservatives, it is as if one actually votes unconsciously for the opposite of what they claim. My view is that this bait and switch philosophy is intentional. The false rationalizations for the Iraq war. The long list of scandals that showed how conservative voters are taken for a ride by amoral leaders and crony’s looking to make a killing off of our country. Including our tax dollars.

Simply astounding to support more of their mess at all of our expense, yet the pandering, just trust us express stays at it. This seems why they need non rational support, the kind we have heard so much of recently in their desperate negative campaign.

The apparent impulsive pick of Palin disqualifies McCain. Is that the sign of things to come? Why would he change anything much from the current group of neglectful stewards? Where is the evidence of concern for those hardest hit by the economic crisis? Give more money back to the most wealthy? He’s pandering to the same economic and political interest parting out our nation to the highest bidder.

His campaigns catering to what is worst in human nature; to all manner of prejudice, even inditing one for their birth name, is beyond rationality. These kinds of “proof” introduce them at rallies, utterly unconscionable.

He then denies he has any thing to be ashamed of in his campaign, with the equivalent of; ‘No. It’s Obama’s fault. He’s the one with the negative campaign.’ With these new kinds of conservatives, that s the one and only certainty; blame the other guy always. This is beyond “the eyes of the beholder”, it is thoroughly disingenuous. Saying and doing whatever they can get away with, under the umbrella caveat of “a tough campaign”, regardless of ethics or civil decency by their campaign, has brought nothing but shame upon them, whatever their cause actually is. Unfortunately, their campaign seems to beckon to those who will not check facts, but are consumed by inner placed fears ready to be directed outwards.

Mavericks? Hardly. Unless that now describes unprincipled.

And then there is their party and the K Street Project*. How many ways are there to describe the antidemocratic nature of that? To try to pressure lobbying groups to hire only Republicans, sounds an awful lot like someone wants one party control, and who in that party stood up to stop it? Or the atmosphere of greedy predation on democracy swirling around the whole enterprise?

Obama was not my first pick during the Democrats primary season. I would have preferred a Dodd and Biden ticket. Since that time I have only been impressed by Obama. He will bring a whole new energy and confidence to this nation. Some of that energy will come from those who have thought of this country as only being run for and by certain people. Now all Americans can live up to America’s promise.  No more claim that “we” do not count.

America has a special opportunity here to do a lot of internal emotional house cleaning. That is a very good thing which can help bring our nation to a more conscious union than heretofore known. I have become a big Obama supporter for his able sensible character and strong leadership skills. The perfect man for the job, with the right VP alongside him.

We need a Constitutional scholar such as Barack Obama, now more than ever. Powerful economic interest are taking over the country, mostly via the more conservative party, which lets them write their own laws governing their behavior. A corruption laden paradigm that lets the wolves guard the hen house, or The Commons. While which next of our freedoms are in jeopardy if another one of those so called “Originalist” are put upon the Supreme Court? They care little of our real world, just a fantasy one with self serving ideas believed true to the 18th century.

To stop the erosion of the public social contract occurring in our nation; To reverse the divide and sell off of the nations very connecting core to an opportunist agenda filled with political cronyism as it’s patriotic wrapped in flag “value”, I vote for Obama and Biden.

To stop the use of fear and insecurity to frighten the public into submission of their rights as a free people, Obama and Biden are my choice. The odds of these right things occurring for our nation are much greater with the Democratic ticket. Period.

Not putting fear and insecurity first.

That is putting country first.


K Street Project – SourceWatch

The K Street Project is a project by the Republican Party to pressure Washington lobbying firms to hire Republicans in top positions, and to reward loyal