Democracy is Liberalism’s Child

Democracy exist due to liberalism.

Judging from what we hear from the political right, we would think liberalism is out to “turn” democracy into something else; perhaps socialism or some dictatorship. It is an interesting twist in perception that has been created.

Democracy is revolutionary, for it overthrew the long instilled human paradigm of rule by aristocracy, or other dominator type rule over society. Liberalism’s parents were suffering, and the promise of being in charge of ones own life, as much as that is feasible. There still exist economic and other societal arrangements that require humans to participate in activities together, in fact, the world is being forced into increasingly more cooperative behaviors. Villages, towns, cities, regions, nations, have their own sorts of life that democracy takes part in for collective reasons of health and well being. And now the world of nations finds it must also set certain rules and regulations to function.

Conservatism, unlike in some popular opinion, seeks to reestablish the kinds of relationships that existed before democracy came. Democracy and liberalism are against conservatism’s fiefdom mentality’s of us an them, and how do we keep them down. This is exactly why conservatives in the US seek to diminish voting among liberal groups, thus actively acting against democracy. It is also why so many were silent when the resent conservative party started its push to create a “permanent majority”. They actually want an advantage over other citizens made permanent. Totalitarianism. Why is that?

Why did the number of governmental scandals (the so called culture of corruption) have an exponential like explosion under conservatism’s stranglehold on the government for 6 years? Blinded faith placed as a golden calf ahead of reality checking. Opportunistic predators swoop into conservative ideological frameworks to exploit everything about The Commons that they can get away with. The rule of law was assumed to be subservient to opportunism’s lust for wealth and power. To even mention the primal nature of “have” opportunism over those who have not, is equated with so called class war mentality. Interesting how stating a fact is considered wrong, which is why I call conservatism’s opportunistic faith, as being blinded. It cannot allow self questioning to establish honest truthful consideration. Except, perhaps, in its myopic inner reviews of effectiveness in controlling the dialectic.

Once again, it is not what popular propaganda suggest. Propaganda has attempted to emotionalize the population to all negatives being somehow the products of liberalism. They look to areas of liberty, then suggest in strong ad-hominem terms that they are bad. “Loose morals”, and a fundamental conservative belief in certain humans laziness, leads many in conservative mind frames to wish to reign in human freedom in social areas, yet allegedly free us to “do what I want” in the economic realm.  Notic how ideas of laziness do not even apply to someone whose wealth is handed to them by heredity.

Wealthy conservative interest had to convince other conservative interest that their intent where the same. many religious conservative groups have come to accept the ideological notions of economic conservatism as being their own. this has served the wealthy conservatives well as a base to use again and again by a faith based trust in church leadership. The Jack Abramoff scandal showed some of the naked associations between the two manipulating their followers, a if they were a resource to exploit for private gain. This part of that freedom to get away with what ever one can, however one can.

However, this freedom is generally meant to suggest freedom to do to the world what I want to make money, and not for instance, to live so as to tread lightly on the planet, meaning it is OK to be against mass consumption. Once again, conservatism restricts the interpretation to bias to individual “right” to not be held accountable to The Commons for ones effects upon it. Yes. Conservatism has become against individual accountability to The Commons. They even try to poison the perception of The Commons as some sort of liberal guilt trip, such as lazy people are against success and achievement etc., then we can ignore our environmental impacts until they reach in and grab society by the throat. Then society must pay up if it can afford the bill.

In most elections, the two party system features these two forces and their followers opposing one another. The conservatives attempting to overthrow the heart of democracy for some restricted reinterpretations of grand abstraction, favoring the return of subservient states of citizenship to economic or religious entities. We are told to have allegiance to economic or church/social order, and thus have no US to ask redress of grievance to.

Conservatives interpret freedom and ensuing responsibilities through the lens of non expansive understanding. Ideologies stand in for understanding.  If you do not agree with them you are wrong.  And if you show where they are wrong, you are still interpreted as wrong.  This is how faith becomes a set up used to exploit; it cannot be questioned in its own context, it is conserved.  Questions are blamed on the questioner; circular reasoning is when logic cannot escape its own trap.

Liberalism has lost much ground to societal indoctrination from propaganda to view social freedom as often a bad thing, and predatory capitalism, as a good thing we all aspire to to prove our high character and achievement natures. This has leveraged perception against admitting, let alone understanding human effect upon The Commons.

We have many corporations and some individuals “doing what they want”, including trying to commandeer the electoral system, without regard to the damage done to society or the worlds ecosystems through their behaviors. In fact, these abusers of The Commons run their own propaganda campaigns to inform the public how they are helping them, not harming anything.

The 2008 election is ultimately about these underlying issues often obscured by emotionalized smoke and mirror schemes. As long as there still are elections and the ballots actually counted, conservatives will be out demonizing liberalism to divert the individuals attention from their fundamental interest, to fear and insecurity based promises to fix society’s “them” alleged value ills by fiat. These will be in the emotionalized areas that can commandeer individuals attentions to act against liberalism. The “Liberal Press” and who is the “most liberal” have actually been turned into negatives.

In the name of freedom and even what is defined as “right”, many conservative followers are seduced into undoing their own interest in favor of the world view of predator upon The Commons. The largest bait and switch operation currently known is occurring right before our eyes. Yet as long as perception can be biased with no accounting for the consequences of so doing, predators upon The Commons will seek their prey.

The Commons will continue to deteriorate. Taking what is left of democracy with it. In the meantime, conservatives dish out emotionalized values to justify their dominator psychologies, while alleging liberals are against those prescribed interpretations of values. This is necessary to keep cognitive dissonance assuaged and project the blame out to someone else.

See how Barrack Obama was blamed by his opposition for most everything wrong from the Bush administration. It was assumed the followers would see such dubious opinionated proof as fact. The conservative mind is expected to not check facts and thus not stress a blinded ideological bias. Reality and truth themselves, can be seen as enemies of conservatism, and that is frightening.

Yet once addicted to conservatism’s bias, it is hard to admit the reality of many things, literally forcing the conservatives to seek out deception as reason. Conservatives often turn reality right back to a liberal, then accuse them as being the source of the discontent. It is a philosophical/psychological addiction that makes the conservatives campaign often so much more profoundly negative in its attacks, than the liberals. There tends to be a poverty of accountability in the conservative ideologies which drives them to hold liberals accountable. It was astounding to hear George Bush when he was unable to acknowledge making any mistakes. So telling of the view from conservatism’s “high ground”. They literally cannot admit that we are all in this together, or that Life is, and there is a Commons to be accountable to.

As it may end up; defeating liberalism will also destroy democracy, leaving us all stranded far in the past. Only now days, with the power to control perception so well understood, our servitude may last until it destroys our planet. Voting for conservatism’s rationalizations may well be taking the ballot out of ones own reach, then putting it into histories shredder.