It remains to be seen, but seen it will be, whether the global Commons* can stand its current human-made indifference to Life’s home planet. It is clear that “Gods green earth” is suffering in ways that might well judge the human experience as unsustainable.

Try from scratch again, cause waking these guys up is like shaking the dead.

Lifestyle and technology, driven by the psychotic corporate model of non accountability to the Commons; offers to each according to their investments, while delusionally ignoring the cancer paradigm of constant growth. The market full of goodies temporally covers global meltdown ultimatum’s with goods and services to busy the minds of consequence free helpless consumers. The era of “The world is your oyster”, and its self worshiping lack of concern for individual impacts upon social and other environments, is rapidly evolving into a pay back disaster.

Oh yeah. Unlike the consumer fantasy industry catering to human ego’s gone wild, Life does not bode madness indefinitely. Reality is a kind of karma, it judges even while I go on vacation.

Peoples preoccupations with getting what is new, and making more money, provides the blissfully ignorant rationalizations, keeping consciousness of consequences, safely politically incorrect. We are the Ownership Culture after all. Just don’t want to own responsibility or accountability to the Commons. That would be making us be socialistic —-( That rote “conservative” numb headed excuse to ignore Common reality).

Of course we do not like to hear the nay-sayers. Checking on operational truths can provide too much negativity to handle, so blame the messengers. or keep head in the sand. Standard operating procedures for our western culture. I personally hope the “green” movement beginning to come into the big business sphere is more than a profit making fad. It offers some encouragement, but some experts on climate, debate whether it is already too late, or if we have 10 or so years left.

With pollution around 6,500,000,000, and China and India beginning to rev up their engines, we just may end up being forced to do radical interventions during a systems collapse. These often show us how little we do know about manipulating the environment. That aside. Just think, China alone creates one sixth of all the US coal burning power plants in just one year. That’s two every 85 or so hours. Just for China. “Clean coal” is a phrase they currently snicker at.

Enough doomsday mushroom cloud propaganda. Let’s par-tay!


Let’s go shopping! We don’t want to be against success and happiness now do we? You know. Like those liberals are?

—And the smoke from Rome draws ever near…

Who knew that judgment day was an allegory?


The Commons

The commons is any resource which is shared by a group of people. Such things as the air we breath and the water we drink come from commons.