Lonely human

do you believe you are the only one?

I know you are unable

to get out of your head

a prisoner

behind your own eyes

each is the same

deny what I will

we have this sameness

yet how much we deny

any lie one tells is

told to ourselves

looking around lustfully


it is all ours

for the taking


or that

we can chop ours out of it

but we remain

behind our eyes


in some alone

and lacking dimension

forcing hands and words

laying claim to forever

in my own name

and not the One


Only Love

could have given

prisoners a chance

to belong to It all

to be free at a willing

our connection is love

its absence


envy and blame

all that I miss

missed until I am found

given to our control

the power of recognition

not requiring faith

nor belief

to open this heart

but to see what is before me

union is all pervasive

just to turn to it

and it pulls

back together

an obvious secret

kept right out in the open

keys to the Grand Story

but only told to receiving

those who turn toward

all being together