It is an absurd question in a way. Real Americans are American citizens, period. There is not a behavioral or political party affiliations to stamp “real American”. There is not a religion or lack of it to stamp “real American”. So how does one get to the point of invoking real Americans and America? For it seems an inherently dangerous concept, to say since an American citizen thinks or votes a certain way, they are not real when in fact they are legitimate citizens.

The very concept has it own fingers pointing back at itself; How dare I call you, for instance, not a real American? How would a society be, if we all decide to now go around saying citizens of America are not “real’? It is undoubtedly a dangerous concept to apply to any area of the country, or to kinds of individuals in our nation. Where is the stopping point of accountability then? Why would unreal Americans deserve the same rights as real Americans?

Seems to me abhorrent to the extreme. It is pubescent civil war talk or worse, wish making extermination drives. How about purging American of unreal Americans? How hard a jump is it in reason? Once I think some of us, you for instance, are not a real American because you do not have my list of values, I would seek to seduce other Americans of your unworthiness. Now remember there is a paradigm shift in the very phraseology of “real Americans”, meaning there are phony Americans not deserving of the title American. If I think of you as not an American, what else do I need to support depriving you of the rights of real Americans? After that break with reality as to citizenship, everything becomes breakable in societal contract.

They say Sarah Palin is playing to her base. What kind of base is it that believe American citizens, you for instance, are not real? I know the definition goes on and on, on a pandering parade to define the noble qualities and faith of these real Americans, yet from the smiling face promoting what amounts to civil warfare in mentality, is she speaking for the base? Are they that callous and detached from the world or America?

World War Two presented us; world citizens, all Americans included, with the result of a political/social movement that claimed to be for all the betterment of, I’ll put it this way, real Aryans. Sure, at first everyone thought it was a kind of joke and that not much would ever come from it. Yet it remains that this nationalistic perspective of authentic human beings and those not real enough to be considered human, helped turn Fascism into the fanatical racial purity express it became. It happens in increments, it was not just Pearl Harbor that we went to war over. It was human dignity; the rights of all to live in peace as long as they were not depriving others of that very right. Mostly we call this freedom.

If we are to have faith in America, we require insurance that “We the People” is a concept of agreement in rights that includes all, including diversity, differences in belief, and full respect of citizenship in dissenting opinion. This includes that Sarah Palin has the right to proclaim America is divided between real Americans and false ones, but all who love our country must denounce attempts at what would amount to its self destruction.

If there is a rising separatist movement to change the nature of America to an authoritarians America, where only one persons decides who is real, we must now stand against it. If there is a “base” so disconnected from reality, that they believe they can “take over” our nation, making it for only the “true believers” as to how they view life; let us say, Not On Freedoms watch.

Let all Americans proclaim; We are one People no matter our differences. We will not surrender our rights to smiling pious faces and nascent ideological driven social movements, no matter how self righteous and self proclaimed “true” or “real”.

What history teaches is; There is no room for silence.