Palin mocks the very reasearch she calls for.



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Olbermann’s story on this above.

We are beginning to see how little someone can put into their job. For Sarah Palin to be making a policy statement on disabilities, while going on to rebuke and shame the very research she is endorsing, is astounding.

We should expect that if one is going into something you have a passion for, knee jerk denunciations of wasteful spending should not be directly connected to where you are calling for more spending. Apparently no fact checking required, just a lot of us and them attitude.

Seems some have a “faith” in anything that comes out of their mouths if it is on their talking points list. For how could it possibly be wrong? Isn’t all that stuff figured out? I guess once again, nobody told her how conservatism, as we no have it, is against itself. Yet do not worry. One way or another, the liberal something or other, or gotcha something or other, will explain away the demagoguery. Susceptible people of this “faith” will nod to whatever the excuse is.

Let us hope it is “I am sorry.”

I am.

I am sorry if my “faith” commentary seemed to ridiculele faith. We cannot live without faith, like it or not.

The faith I speak of is blinded faith.

A faith in fantasy above provable reality, for this breed of misogynistic faith has been mounting over the years; It is a faith based in intolerance.


A faith that Barack Obama “pals around with terrorist” from the very mouth of one who pals around with anti American secessionist,

Sarah Palin’s ties to Alaskan Independence Party are played down

Sep 3, 2008 Tonight, Sarah Palin will be nominated as the Republican Party’s choice for vice president of the United States.


A faith that Barack Obama is a Muslim

Obama Smeared As Former ‘Madrassa’ Student, Possible Covert Muslim Extremist»

What can we make of this faith that seems to prefer hate and otherness over this world we all live in?

Americans are from many different traditions and faiths, none that I am aware were banned in the US Constitution, where it must have said; only certain faiths need apply.

And am I guilty of these very issues merely by bringing them up? Which has become a common “existentialized relativistic” thought-terminating cliché, hand made to terminate thinking from analyzing issues.

If so, and I offended you. I am sorry.

But I have faith in freedom and understanding:

That light has the ability to dispel darkness. And Love the ability to heal any division. In this faith I will not apologize to doubt.