The poison spewing into the campaign from the right wing is showing its disturbing intentions; to divide the nation.


The next paragraphs are to comments I was sent about this post, which claimed I was doing the same thing as I accused the others of, so all my points are not relevant. How convenient for sophistry. Fasten your conceptualizing seat belts.


And NO. Bringing this up is not doing the same thing.


If a nation or a body has cancer, something that will undo its very life; yes, that cancer might be a part of the body, but it is a part that may well eliminate the body if not addressed. Being against cancer is not being against the body, or, doing the “same thing”. Yet in some minds, it is that easy to dismiss all other presentation. I guess; nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, is all some need to feel vindicated.

But outside of a childish mental fantasy land; the argument is over what keeps a body or a nation wholesome and sound as an entity, and what will eat it away from the inside, if I or you do not resist it. Clearly when someone or cell in a body (or a nation) says only cells just like it are the real body; lets say only breast tissue, then something potentially fatal has occurred; AND SHOULD NOT BE IGNORED IF CONTINUED LIFE IS TREASURED. Addressing cancer does not, however, make one cancer. Seems obvious, but not to philosophical relativist.

The difference in nuance and complexity are lost on some, making lazy way for a small dismissive comment. I have often heard these kinds of dismissals offered by those unwilling to compare the philosophical positions offered. Instead, they present personalized “proof” implications. Often one liners or other short attention span kinds of observation.

The “turn it back trick” is so easy;  just copy what I just said, then say I just did just that! Presto!  Most any statement one wishes can be reversed when it claims a characteristic of an opposition. It’s kinda like reverse psychology. By stating what was making a point, is actually its own self defeating point, reasoned analysis can then be shut down.  Sometimes called a thought-terminating cliché when standardized to buzzword appeal.

I decided to remove the comments and my replies, since I do not do negative comments on others post, and do not intend this blog to be taken up by cartoon characters with an agenda.

I say this point above after being “proved wrong” by a philosophical relativism seemingly incapable of making distinction, yet apparently enjoying spreading their observation impairment around.




Post written after seeing a news interview with a government official holding contempt toward free thinking fellow Americans, effectively calling them anti American.

The deceptively constructed calls are alleging that Barack Obama was engaged in terrorist activity, if one listened to the contextual structure of the robo calls. This is the same tactic used to create the Iraq invasion, with the blurring of who Saddam Hussein and Osama bin laden were. Utter use of the black arts of deception. We are seeing both context and fact mixed up into the same cauldron. Then presented as wholesome truth to ingest.

The so called culture war has devolved into spiteful unsubstantiated allegation. On another front “against America”, being a liberal is now being equated with being anti American. Curiously, this implicates those making such allegations against we Americans exercising our rights to think like we want. Those dividing the nation into true and false Americans, bare the mantel of who is consciously or not; being anti-American.

The whole who is for America argument from the right wing suggest that those who think different that right wing ideologues, are now game to be tagged as being against America. This is obviously meant to impress the clueless, by being against pluralism, against diversity, and against freedom itself, under the cover of ideological rightness.

We have seen the ugly specter of nation chopping and dismantling. With the suggestion that it is small town America that holds the real or true Americans. Imagine the contempt for this nations nature, to suggest that only certain areas have authentic Americans. This kind of thinking is frightening in its tribal warfare mentality. Do some wish to be held responsible for the so called culture war becoming a civil war? They seem not to care.

What this serpentine strategy is, if allowed to destroy the nations common identity with its toxins, is against the very founding nature of America. However, it is being promoted as a means to save America, but only certain kinds of Americans need be counted. The rest of us are to be ignored, deplored, or who knows what given the against America rhetoric; locked into internment camps?

For the toxin to work, some Americans will need to be convinced to unwind the fabric of the flag. Instead of Old Glory; they will be waving the bleached white flag of surrender to that which is against us.

Here are some other comments on the issues I have raised.