Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama today.

Like so many of us, he questioned the tone of the McCain Campaign and stated the most obvious of all; That Sarah Palin is not ready to be president if need be.

We do face an historical moment of unprecedented dimensions. Much residual cultural baggage can be addressed, if not unloaded, while the nations leadership seeks to more fully represent all of who America is. The world too, will need deal with a break in its impression of a rigged American democracy. Yes. Symbols are very powerful ambassadors.

This potential is the great value of the Obama candidacy. And unlike the toxic mix stirring on the right wing, Obama is giving evidence to an administration that will reach across party lines to address intransigent problems needing to be faced head on from the American Commons.

We cannot afford another 8 years of blindfolded inattention. America is not actually the illusion that we are just a nation of and for one kind of people.  We are We the People.  That is the American light.

Here is a news link on the event;

Times Online

of State Colin Powell announced today that he is endorsing Barack Obama for However, the indisputable benefit that Powell brings
Obama is that the