It may have taken a few minutes for this light to reach here from the sun, but to the light, it is said to have taken no time. What else in the universe exist in this always now zone, from the beginning to the end?

There is gravity that we are, that for all intents and purposes, always was and will be. We are distilled radiation, light, an can be converted back to light. We are their offspring. Evolution, is the compounded outworking of essences such as these. These come to reveal Creation. We are never actually lost, not from Creation. We belong to The Formula.

Yet we are fully capable of not knowing of our inner or outer immersion in the infinite and eternal. If we do not see the obviousness of It, the ever-present Source of It, we can live and not even know ourselves, nor one another.

Human alienation, abandonment, betrayal, they are all false knowings, for you are never unknown to Life. You are as much if not more a part of life as our sun, a river, the Milky Way. These things are not greater or lesser than you. They are an integral part of you, of every part of you.

We can expect that in coming to know who we are, we will not know ahead of time. We can expect that we have been told things that were best guesses. We can expect that we will establish a truth from our experience, then lose it, or even find that we had judged truth prematurely.

Do not be surprised at any forgetfulness, but seek to remember. When lost, look for landmarks to Spirit. If wise, we can place these landmarks or remembering around our lives. This is something that religion and ritual seek to do at their best. And yes, when it comes to knowing life, you do deserve the best.

Surround yourself with light. With love like ever-active gravity; never letting you go, nor anything else. Yet I can walk past you and not see you. Not be aware of that same light and same attraction you are. And what of all the other Sacred dimensions inside and out that we do not yet except as part of who I am? And you?

We are strangers? Not ever actually. But what we can not see of all that connects us. What we do not admit of all that is one inside of us. Of all we do not comprehend when looking up at the night sky full of stars, not knowing our dreams are part theirs. All that empty space in-between my eyes and these stars is but the fertile nebula’s of tomorrow, yesterday and now. All the place where intention is known. Where definition reveals. Where we wonder, what to do with our lives next.



They call it “tough” campaigning. Say and allege whatever you want. Get people over to your side any way you can. America is being shoved downward into this low life campaign mentality.

It is done because there is faith that it works. It, is untruth parading as fact.

It seems to come in under the radar as opposing what it is in fact doing. We hear McCain’s camp alleging Obama’s is full of smear, allegation, and highly suspect association, when any observant thinking person, with their heads out of the ideological sand pit, knows which campaign is stooping the lowest by orders of magnitude.

Why is that? Why do certain political interest place generating evil spirits ahead of good, but do that in goods name?

It COUNTS on people who hold allegiance to innuendo and allegation above the rigors of fact. Yet these very accusations are then framed into their own idea of good. Which then just so happens to be the easiest place to misuse misguided trust from; tricking the loyal followers. Once identity bonded to hero figures in a cult, perception of critical thinking abilities are turned away from, or turned off toward your leaders. The blinded follow the blind, or the ones handing out the blindfolds.

We have seen in recent history, how after 9-11-01, fear and insecurity numbs good sense and intellect, opening minds to favor blind following of claims as truth. This trick is only apparent to thinking people however. Partisan operatives are counting on last minute things to effect the election, like suppressing votes*, having the look of “protecting” elections. In the last four years it has been said that less than 100 people have been convicted of vote fraud. (I have a link to information on that at bottom of post.)

Yet we are seeing blind fear created out of stupidity, willing to deprive perhaps hundreds of thousands, possibly even millions of voters a say in this their land of democracy. All ostensibly to protect us from imaginary hordes of; you know, the kinds of people the right wing will say are cheating. The object of the reduce the vote drive is to poison democracy, likely not giving the poor and unfortunate, like troops not returning their “caged” mail, losing the right to vote. Cause a “kind” of person was the actual target of the stop the democracy drive.


America is under an attack of a contemptuous pro-ignorance following, that is patently anti American. It is anti American, for it seeks to destroy the cords of reality that bind up the Union itself. Those are the common agreements between all citizens. When the truth is kept out of public discourse, deception comes to govern the vacuum left. And that will continue destroying our institutions put in place at the beginning of our nation.

There is a concerted effort underway to create the appearance of truth that is not based on full fact, such as the insidious linguistic tricks being employed on behalf of the fear/smear campaign being imbibed by the right. This is an attack on America and all it stands for. The same cowardly McCarthyism campaign style is beginning to raise its lobotomized, zombie like head. Complete with mob mentality to spread the vile, and leaders saying it is for the nations own good.

It is a sad day in America, as we see the smears and allegations coming out of smiling faces and jokes; as if yours and my life, Americans lives are a joke to play to a crowd, so someone else can win at what will always be our expense.

If you thought that the Bush administration was an assault on all America has stood for at its best. Instead, for ideological goals, it went on to pander to every ill assumption, creating a societal atmospheric context with qualities of mentally illness. It is seeming to have succeeded to some degree, creating a somewhat permanent delusion inside its own party. Hearing the self contradicting expressions coming out of the GOP ticket is shocking to contemplate; who is so off of reality tracking to believe what unsubstantiated claims they are saying? Scary. And that may be the whole point.

This election season, we are seeing perhaps an attempt to make Americans who do not agree with smear and allegation, as being somehow un-American or wrongheaded. There has been an attempt at encouraging relativist perception; where if I say I have no tolerance for intolerance, I would be called intolerant, instead of being for tolerating the freedom to be different. This is quite like the manner of “thinking” now running rampant on the right. Many cling to ideologies for they are too afraid to think for themselves. Unfortunately, it is they who are dragging The Commons down with the nation, while they believe they are saving something; Their ideological dependency addiction.

These perceptual cognitive tricks are quite apparent on the right. Their loyal followers seem honestly not to know how in truth, or nation, or even in Gods name, they can be made to act anti those abstractions, while believing they are upholding those very entities.

What gives away these irrational causes thought to be completely true by some is; the emotionalized ad-hominen “passion” that contradiction will produce in cognitive dissonant disassociation. When people feel out of control, having their insecurities stimulated to perpetuate this feeling, they lash out at what has been given as the target cause of the irritation. This completely misses seeing the very intention to produce just that state in them, by the very people they have chosen to entrust.

May the nation withstand this dangerous mindless threat being formed and fomented within, by those trying to divide and conquer, America. For even if they win, they lose. We all will.

Fortunately tonight, there was a show on PBS that touched some on the election deception ruse going on. That is the link below that guy down the post.

* Story on Bill Moyers Journal about our voting issues and active threat to democracy. Click on name tag below photo.

Mark Crispin Miller
Mark Crispin Miller