Keith Olbermann over McCain’s Rallies; or why some diss MSNBC with its other than conservative venues.


I’m sure some never wanted the Faux News Political spin show bias to be seen as what it is. Not that MSNBC doesn’t suffer from its own breed of corporate relativism used to question facts into mere opinionated obscurities beyond resolve. I believe it is reality that has been sending the viewers increasingly to MSNBC over Faux.

But if one watches too much MSNBC, one is quite likely to wonder why so many of its other host and guest are so ‘truth is what you wish.’ ‘Hum. How am I feeling today about how things seem to be going?’, so ‘Lets see what this poll says about the importance of truth, or facts in context. Some say they are irrelevant. Text what you think to…’

But when it comes to Keith Olbermann and Raechel Maddow, who most always question conservative reason and motives, unlike just about anywhere else (LINK TV and Bill Moyers excluded). One can see why the right wing extremest consider them the liberal MSM. And are carrying on their vendetta against NBC. They are about the only ones there. Real liberals that is.


If one mentions pollution by industry and lifestyle as being part of global warming, or that our government is not perfect when it is out destroying things, so who we kill and what we destroy should be examined in a still free society. That will qualify you to as a raving liberal hate America firster. A product of the government loving liberal media. What the heck is wrong with you! Case closed.

Keith Olbermann: McCain, Latest Pander Plan