Reading up on political blogs can be a journey into how blog punditry spins reality into vortex of confusion.

I have read pro McCain post that say he did not say what he said, or that what is heard at Palin rallies is not what it sounds to the camera like. Perhaps the one shouting meant kill someone else? That is all different then?

Exactly what is shouted is one thing, but there is obviously a spirit of contempt being generated from the McCain Palin ticket. They seem to feel extreme negative emotion thrown toward your opponent is what debate is left with in desperation. Virtually nothing on policy. A new Joe based analogy. Unfortunately, news analysis on that one found Obama would not raise Joe’s taxes. Just ignore the truth I guess to make some points.  And a lot more questions have come into the light of our opportunistic hero Joe.

The right wing is always whining about their corrupting America messenger bogeyman; the MSM. Yep. That very same corporate media seeking to consolidate the news commons in into just a few monolithic corporate domains that will tell us what they think we should know (handful of executive calls). Remember how forthright they were about the lead-up to the Iraq War deceptions? Obviously a liberal platform I’d say. If I was a nut that is. Yet this Main Stream Media as the source of all liberal propaganda confusing America, is a staple on the right. They truly do live in a reality they make up themselves, then go looking for ideologically impaired converts.

To this right wing mentality, only the likes of “Faux” news, with its often mind-numbing spin, is considered fair. Fair and balance to the right seems to be; pro blind exploitative paradigm status quo privilege is true. That which seems not on board is MSM deception and bias. It seems that since the Vietnam Conflict, the right wing views anything that does not serve a dominator mental mindset, along with blinded “trust” or “faith” in it, is evidence of bad character traits.

Truth has been altered into an undermining influence, to appear as a negative to conservative reality matrices. They will literally, as we have seen so often this campaign, claim to have said one thing when they have on record said another, then blame the messenger for being unfair. The right seems to thrive on this primitive state of perception; where all one requires is some authority figure to express the magic truth, then down the chain the followers all begin to see it. A kind of tribal shamanism run amok.

Both parties are surely compromised on any sense of cohesive ideals, the Democrats coming to look more and more like the Republicans in practice. In the more right wing one, the contrast within the membership is astoundingly convoluted; the left hand does not seem to recognize or know of what the right does. Economic predatory capitalism, the anarchy capitalist in the party, must have a good laugh at how the “value voter” moralist, who believe you can force one set of moral principles onto people, are doomed by the thriving business in sex and violence in the media. All while out of control consumption of the worlds Commons is thriving on moral degradation of the ego. Does make for angry campers.

The right has hybridized this Frankensteinian conglomeration with the assistance of cognitive dissonance and extreme compartmentalization of contradiction, to “look” true to abstraction. And from that abstract world of us and them’s and omnipotent liberal medias out to ruin society, these “individualist” proclaim the bias from the left is so obvious, we must all be brainwashed not to see it.

Unfortunately, what we may well be seeing is reality, and it does have a kind of liberal bias, for it does not function on one political skewed bias, as the right demands to be fair.

Reality is wide open in ways that boxed in conservative mindsets can never honestly comprehend. So they whine over the prejudice cast upon them; from their own minds.

[No! It’s really you lefties! You cant stand the truth! You bi coastal elitist latte drinking arugula eating Volvo drivers! Get a job! Think your big words make you better? Why are you against America? Socialist nanny state losers!]