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Why become a liberal?

I thought they were some kind of problem, not a solution.

Quite right.

About being told liberalism is some sort of negative pull on society and human advancement, that is.

First I must make a few points before I continue on about liberalism.


We can imagine the societal atmosphere that is described around the life of Jesus Christ; He was persecuted, not because He was a conservative, like the Scribes and Pharisee, but because He was what I call—the Original Liberal. It was the challenge to entrenched power interest; economic, political and religious, that presented the resistance to His insights. The poor and disadvantaged, generally, where who flocked to His populist message of spiritual responsibility and redemption.

The public, most any public, tends to follow the lead of what they view as their leaders, particularly when critical thinking for oneself is often in someway punished, or when ideas themselves are restricted to a conserved box. We easily can internalize power interest control features, as we are made aware of the “benefit”, or see as obvious that their lives depend upon it. I will go into this more later on an aside in regards to mind control and propaganda.

Christ offered compassion toward the sick and poor, and chastised people to look into themselves before blaming others, instead, offering the spiritual imperatives of compassion, empathy and their implied common human understanding. But on wealth and excess, He urged caution and introspection around the neglect of the needs of society, while offering questions as to ones own love of having. Christ implied spiritual imperatives that are an anathema to entrenched power.

In time, no matter what one tends to call oneself; atheist, conservative, Christian, evangelical, communist, or whatever, the status coming with power’s seductive privilege, comes to corrupt and reverse spiritual and humanitarian imperatives. First casting suspicion upon their motives, then making them tagged spirituality as a negative influence in general. We now have many Christian leaders, apparently, being anti Christ teachings, yet using His name to direct followers into darkness, while pointing around at just who might be the Antichrist, over there.

Power comes to change, not only the very meanings of words, but often to reverse the sociocultural “framing” of religious and moral conceptions to serve power at the expense of individual out-workings of true universal spirituality. Abstract spiritual concepts that can be tagged onto, us and thems, come to act as lanterns being carried by leaders who gather their sheep into confines where power and influence remain in those leaders hands.



{Those under mind control techniques from political, socio-economic and religious self focused paradigms, may be challenged to continue after “getting” the thrust of this article’s premise. They will have encountered a critical thinking crippling device known as Thought-terminating cliché, or other blocking programing that diverts questioning for probing deeper truth. Conservatism denies any deeper truth than whatever the brand they are now using.

Deeper truth will not even be acknowledged, and may well be conceived of as a form of deception, to trick one from the “true path”. I have even personally heard in grammar school of the initial critical thinking occurrence of naive doubt, being called the temptation of Satan, and not ones God given critical thinking ability meant to distinguish fact from mere assumption or allegation. Groups use these manipulative techniques to control minds, not to have them be free to know and test truth independently. There is a big controlling reason for that.

This presentation is for those with some self integrity still intact, those still able to use their Life given abilities to test reality in their own experience, and not just in hierarchical taught and guided abstractions pretending to be known.]



We have been bombarded with this narrative of some sort of problematic basic deception about liberalism. It has been equated by various “conservative” interest around the world, since it can present a kind of threat to one way or no way thinking endemic to conservative ideologies. But as I will present; it is the dead end certainties of conservatism, with their emotionalized absolutes, that now present a potential extinction event to life on earth.

In the United States, where I live, conservatives declared a kind of “culture war”, seemingly necessary to build up the ranks of conservatism that became threatened after the Allies victory in World War Two. While many who fought knew of the effectiveness of union in a common cause, along with the greater sense of a kind of evil being defeated by common effort, that common mission paradigm had to be undone for conservative mindsets to prosper. It is necessary for the psychology of “we” to be inferred, and those seeming not “us”, “others” implied. This then acts to change the unity dynamic to one of competition.

This competitive bias needed to be tagged onto individual identities, to keep societies engaged in this irreconcilable opposition mind frame. Once injected into a sense of us and them, many other notions can be tagged along as kinds of adjoined coattails. Now it is an open potentiality to remake individual identity into assumptions that can actually negatively impact the individual, all why being claimed as a coherent part of a “faith” or ideological world view that is all for the good.

Conservatism’s rejection of other opinion, along with fact or likelihoods that do not seem in sync with bias, creates a near permanent like dysfunction to conservatism’s out-workings as prescribed. Conservatives need to have a war waged upon reason itself, so we see knowledge and nuanced analysis often rejected by conservatism as suspicious an misleading. Conservatism often then assumes to have common sense, or biased “obvious” assumptions circulated back to the particular conservative ideology’s preferences in perception. Often the final assumption is ascribed by the leading ideologies presumption.

In the US, the conservative right declared a kind of war for hierarchical power interest to become an entrenched status quo, framing the common good as a concept that serves the status quo to be relevant. A “Trickle Down” perspective is conceived to be the natural hierarchical order of society, and attempts to make society more fair, honest and inclusive, or otherwise just, are tagged as very bad anti Darwinian mistakes, or otherwise acting as a negative influence upon character. Way far away from perspectives such as offered by Jesus Christ, yet many who claim to be Evangelical Christians have been corralled into this branded fold, where they act as God, judge and jury over who deserves to live decent life.

Fortunes were spent to create an infrastructure to produce ideological clones from institutions such as right wing “think tanks” and conservative educational facilities. From their view, to counter the “liberal bias” in education. If one thinks about it, or is allowed to, we can see how the press and educational institutions should be liberal; to be open and offer the widest contest on defining the societal interest. That instead of one being handed down by a highly paid to think one way “think tank” or ideological machine.H