Six words to describe this debate…

Mostly the same old same old.

McCain claims Obama is responsible for the negative campaign. Claims Obama does not repudiate nasty negative comments like he always does.

Does “pals around with terrorist.” ring a bell? Has McCain repudiated, who is it? HIS RUNNING MATE!

That answer we would expect from these maverick excuse experts?; ‘You made Me pick her!’ Why don’t you acknowledge the facts Senator Obama?

Oh yeah. And why do you suspiciously pal around and go shopping with terrorist anyway?  America wants to know how lovey dovey you two really are.

My point! Game! Match!’

Just do not compare image leading innuendo to the facts. Most of McCains accusations can be turned right back at him. His whole campaign seems to be, ignore reality; ‘down with tax and government! Fixing everything easy!  I know how to do it. I am way better than that one! Trust me! I put the country first!’

Look rabbits!


But first in what respect? I have not seen the answers that are needed from the wishful thinking express. Just a lot of calls out to fantasy over reality.

Obama remained composed and to the points more directly than McCain’s constant string along talking point express regurgitation’s.

McCain claims everything magically fixes itself with desire and nonspecific know-how for free; he knows how to do it.

McCain claimed the cognitive conceptual trick of continually suggesting that the most fortunate in a culture do not need to pay for their commensurate impacts on society. Even suggesting that there is an extenuating accountability, is tag framed as “class warfare”, while windfall profit and other wealth excess is not, apparently, redistribution of wealth from society to the individual. That redistributiont is sanctified as earning, which this amorphous individual can then go do whatever they wish with no concerns for the Commons that sustains life itself. How conservatism actually abhors full self responsibility.

Addressing our common issues in society, might involve that demonized redistribution of wealth code phrase still being used to shoot society in the foot.

So not gonna happen. Good luck you all. You are on your own. Hope you have some asphalt to pave the road you use to work. I happen to own an asphalt company. I got just what you need. How fortunate you are! Magic….(disclaimer; I do not own an asphalt co.)

Magic economic perspective from the conservatives to the very wealthy elite is the answer, period. Everything else I guess will magically fix itself. That philosophy had been great with its elite bias. Notice how this wealth distribution going to China and Saudi Arabia, are suddenly wealth redistribution to take serious notice of? Hum? Seems dependent on who the super-rich are, and not their effects on the Commons. Do not look behind the curtains! OZ has spoken-

If you missed the debate, an abbreviated version is below. That Batman character seems to pal around with…