There is something brazenly naked about the outworking occurring in this seasons election.

The GOP seems to have actually been stuck with the reality they had been running from for 8 years or more. Delusion of grandeur cannot be escaped from forever.

When ones primary credit is only seeing the opposition party as the cause of problems, it becomes seriously problematic a “cause” being that that opposition was thought nearly dead just 4 years ago. It is hard to keep blaming someone who could not even have a room to hold a meeting in at times. That same party who were excluded from conversations concerning the government time and again.  Once again it must be framed to be all their bad.–They’re the problem.  Right.

The party of most make believe, seems to have thought we were set up to be suckered once more as before, by stating the Democrats were responsible for all the nations woes. Well, that line did not stick. Now the McCain/Palin campaign routinely deny saying what they are on tape saying prior, and use shuffle the shell tricks to make it seem voting against them is voting for terrorist or someone else’s God. Seem to count on us not knowing how to count or pay attention. The desperation reeks of a kind of blinded corruption of the soul, that will say and or deny anything to suit the next move.

Sure most all politicians and parties slant their side to the narrative of right and the others to wrong, but we are now seeing the reliance on complete NOT checking of fact and accuracy. Palin’s integrity seems to be melting down faster than the glaciers. We are seeing character facades that were erected for political reasons now seeming to have never expected the light of day. Then, when the light makes something clear; we hear the equivalent, that it is now night when the truth appears. We cannot see what we see!

Oh.  Sometimes I say things that sort of make sense.

Fear and insecurity were all they seemed to offer, now it is degenerating into one or another varieties of the “good people” somehow being on the mindless side of this dirty business. An opperation whose books were never intended to be accounted for.

The ad-hominem express is now running on the mummified remains of self defined righteousness. The contempt for the American people, and the truth being impaled by all the obfuscation and diversion tactics, just may be taking the spikes out from under their rails. Pointing them into the GOP.



  1. What amuses me as a former Republican(Left the party when Ronnie took over and ruined it), is the Republican’s steadfast adherence to loyalty. This loyalty is what will sink their ship. They are not allowed to disavow their chosen pretenders to the throne. I love it. By nominating a man they actually reviled, they are now stuck in the same train wreck with him.

    Excellent Post.

    I have no clue how I found your blog. Just kind of stumbled upon it. I will be back.

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