The Well Reflection



a light comes on

sound is in

taste and


what is it?

where is this place?

i was always with someone

now someones come and go

have i been sent out away?

only smell can reassure me

warmth and touch i crave

to be held as if a ray of light

it is so good here when in pain

someone most always comes

but I cannot be certain

they understand

but in time

things begin suddenly

to make much more sense

a cacophony of chaos resolved!

most sweet sense of connection

how i waited for this reason

to find we have a place

familiarity and routine

are my new comforts

yet there are surprises

they pop thought the open

a world of unknown comings

and goings i have no view

dear impromptu mystery

i do see how things go

i am still kept outside

all comings and goings


i know of my influence

i am a place to stop

and a place to be

ones that come around

seem glad to see me

they do not know

how much i miss them

oh and sometimes

during dark despair

attention arrives everywhere

now and then some hold me

others shake things at me

and make odd faces

some are so silly

much commotion happens

i wonder what i do not see

i hear it coming in

but i am not sure

what it is

and so life goes on

all around

but only observed


where i am

the watcher

beyond blackness

past closed eyed emptiness

i am listening in on Life

immersed and emerging

one who engages

what i have and need

with what is all around

when it seems i must act

i bring something in close

yet no matter how near

always outside or gone

unless i admit more

that somehow

and some way

the mobiles world

is inside as well

within something

someone beyond words

so vast and dynamic

i will never observe It

yet be a part of Its Life

Its noisy company

right inside me


where once

there seemed to be nothing

seeming was probabilities illusion

that something could be

made nothingness



this circle is full

It is from inside

we all watch

and oh yes

are watched

from inside

The Well



. . .

. .








. .

. . .











to love and be love need no question