Who is Barack Obama?

Well then.


Who are McCain and Palin?

When there is nothing solidly creative to stand on, make mud.

I have seen this same old innuendo trick many times in election campaigns throughout my life. There is often a self serving reason to establishing an attack frame first. And that is; The need to attack your opponent strategy, often seems to have a connection internally to those making the attack.

Can you imagine that this is the style the McCain and Palin administration would have? Why would we think the decency level would change? “That one.” and, “pals around with terrorists,” are quite reminiscent of Cheney’s distortion/misinformation campaigns against truth in America.

The standard for conservatives are to blame everyone else, while they are not held responsible or accountable for their own actions. Imagine again; McCain and Palin voters are likely those who gave us Bush, with their blinded faith, or hunches.

I have never seen quite the hate and contempt being encouragingly generated (by lack of correction) by other desperate “conservative” fear mongering campaigns, that obviously place ambitions ahead of nation. We were subject to those f recent history when we were told that somehow terrorist benefit from Democrats being elected. While evidence indicates that they actually have thrived under recent Republican led blunders. This trust in wild allegation, instead of policy discussion, is now widely evident in McCain and Palin’s seemingly out of control expression Express. Now they will have to reign in what they have unleashed from the dark netherworld of dysfunctional human psyches, so evident at their rallies.


We can see in our own lives, and those around us, how at times we, or they, are very disturbed about someone else’s “bad” behavior. Upon deeper reflection, we may see how this finger pointing by those blaming others seems to define a quality within themselves. This kind of psychological balancing act reveals possible inner suppressed suspicions of ourselves. The act achieves an emotional switching, which serves as a mental self medication, by seeing our stimulated inner upset being “caused” by someone “over there” we can blame. And maybe then seem to stand up against about politically, or otherwise socially/morally==by establishing bad to be in those bad kinds of others.

The long known powerful religious and conscious requirements of forgiveness often stem from this admittance that; when we throw stones at others imperfections, we may not be able to admit out own. So in the humility and grace of such deeper understanding, we accept forgiveness within ourselves, potentially having a deep insight into our own human fallibility. But if we have no consciousness of how self deception can persist amidst our own sense of rightness, we in effect, can prevent the real truth from being known and real changes made toward greater understanding. All while taking the prescribed side claiming the cultural narrative of moral right.

That this phenomenon goes on often unchecked, except perhaps in personal arguments, suggest we do not necessarily know enough of others to make a call on possible self deception, or are ourselves blinded to the phenomenon. Here is a link to a definition of projection:


Projection is attributing your own repressed thoughts to someone else.


Multibillionaire and philanthropist Warren Buffet, made the observation (and I’ll paraphrase), when donating tens of billions to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, that at posh country clubs; ‘One can hear the members bemoan the lazy government dependent liberal types. Club members shake their heads over the disgusting give away of tax dollars to the poor for no return of effort.’ Mr Buffet then described how; ‘These very same men and woman of very wealthy families, have their own children endowed with much greater gifts that can be assumed to cause the same lazy character traits alleged to be providence of the poor and misguided governments “liberalism”. The blatant hypocrisy of point of view is not apparently ever acknowledged’.

This may not be a representation of classic projection, for it is an ideological world view that applies different standards to “us and them”, often depending on where the us and them’s need be conceived at the moment. This internal contradiction may involve an element of institutionalized projection that privileged people’s often have assumed defined factual reality.

Corporations have essentially infused this whole one way street paradigm into societal consciousness to the extent that we do not even notice the psychological and sociological bias embedded in our societal conceptions. Quality of character traits, and the role of government to address issues of the Commons—that whole interrelationship of life and being on one Whole Earth, have been “framed” mostly through a corporate lens.

I am bringing up the differences that exist in point of view, but can be assumed by one on one side or another to represent exact and irrevocable truths, unknowingly believed in for questionable reasons.

Here are some alternatives to the current all negative narrative campaign being projected upon the citizenry by one ideologies self delusions likely at war within themselves. They seem necessary to counter the Fear mongering rally’s seeming to be the mental outworking happening around the McCain/Palin campaign. They are attempting to create doubt over who Obama is for issues that apply to themselves as well, if not more importantly..

Well you can see the same questions below; Who really are McCain and Palin?


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