WELCOME TO THE NEW STONE AGE—-poverty of wealth

{This post expresses some of my exasperation over the Market meltdown and connecting issues}


Media consolidation has pre-programmed the Fourth Estate for corporatism, and could be said to have been pursued through ascendant corporatism–or the corporate seduction of government. When corporations can buy the government to pass the laws that benefit political contributors; individual Americans are robbed of their freedom of speech and press. Sorry if you did not know that.

Hum? Why is that? Good business policy? Why everyone wants to eliminate their competitors to guarantee their place as number one. Why that is what free enterprise is all about! Winners take all.

Exactly. Anarchy capitalism. The object being to rid the government of laws that restrict corporation expansionism into the heart of the Commons.

Is it really just a coincidence that most of TV programming and news fundamentally worships the “success” of excess over any kind of temperament? Usually with a wink and a nod, often we can hear expressed a desire that; “I should be so successful!” The cost of this alleged success to the Commons–that world of interrelationship of all environments, has been kept off in the cognitive dissonant closet? Environments degenerating to greed across the boards in society. Hopefully never to come out into the open demanding attention.

Well here it comes; global warming and global meltdown of inflated borrowing on the future. How long do we think we can shove responsibility up onto a distant glacier, until the heat of realities light produces the inevitable payback? Or meltdown? The answer is to pretend nothing is happening until it grabs us by the neck and shakes us. Good plan.


With the Internet about to shut down due to the global meltdown, let us consider where we can run. What? You’re absolutely confident the Internet is here to stay as is? On what exactly is this confidence placed? Media conglomerates going to just leave it free to express what anyone likes? That is not true in China, and we do not know how not true it is here as well.

Luckily, most of us have seen this disaster coming, so we have land, seed, a few goats and our own well. With a little hoeing and planting, we should make it if the climate crisis does not blow that away as well. Experts claim that there is significant protection in place to avoid a Great Depression. This seems to ignore the cost tagged onto earth systems that is just beginning to show its bill to public awareness. The debt is held in environmental systems negative bank accounts, that cannot be escaped from, but which fantasy can ignore all it wishes. We seem so well set up for complete disaster. I’m impressed. What has gone on in human consciousness to being all these nooses around?

Seems we are all likely fooling ourselves, if we do not know that life as we have known it, is facing many walls that will require dramatic turns through the maze of survival. It is up to us to be smart enough to make it through, and not just hope on magical markets to fix it all. Now that faith in markets as a God like tablet is patently delusional.

I’m sure that anarchy capitalism; you know, the rich conservatives of this worlds way to have their good life covered in the garb or freedom and quality of character, plus other delusions that separate them from Commons relationships (in their own mind!) These self validating achievers will continue to express themselves free from consequence and accountability. These conservative predators get a cold, while we all sit under their sneeze. Like good servants I must add. Swallowing most everything they prescribe us to ingest, including the cancerous virus of their individualistic delusional ideology. Corporatism was taking over the Fourth Estate for a reason.

Just think of the narratives they have established; get all you can and live the good life. The bigger that “good life”, the better. How noble it is to be proud of all these self accomplishment notions that you then parade around to the world like a Bowery Bird. Look how important I am! Alpha happen’ right Here! See what you get when you come closer to me! Look at my spectacular kitchen! Oh dear. I wish we had their house!

Never be told that godlike self delusions of grandeur not only are substitutes for an integrated purpose to life, but only elicit envy, not consequence or accountability to the Whole. Just say no to bleeding heart seductions to weakness of character! Can’t you see how they want something for nothing! Usually these types of statements are followed by nanny state ravings, or socialism something or other, likely cognitive dissonant diverting Thought-terminating clichés .

Well, these conservatives will find a way to suddenly have government come to their rescue when all the stones they have thrown land upon their own glass homes, fancy cars and boats. The real fools become exposed as us; who could have demanded alternative energies and so many other critically needed changes, but were seduced by the likes of Ronald Reagan and the “values voters” ruse. Reagan proudly took down the solar collectors Carter put up at the White House.–America; only party profiteers need apply to manage the Commons. Everything else we will tag with the poison pill of socialism and societies degradation. Imagine, doing the right thing and helping another in need is considered weak and value destroying. How well temptations conceal.

It has long been observed that these types, as in local disasters, suddenly see the light of helping one another usually only after they are cast into unsuspecting shoes of having not. Some ex conservatives describe cult like beliefs wrapped in circular logic’s self validating statements, but then they were shaken out of their delusion. Suddenly they come to see the connections, what all of life is about and how we are all in this together. At least some conservatives snap out of egoist entrapment addictions.

The looming world depression awaits the wealthiest “feelings” as to whether their lifestyle is “guaranteed”, or if they must further hoard to save their own. Thus having us clean up after them until they requite the shirts off of our backs to be protected from the suns ozone depleted light. They will say it is the right thing to do and think; to help your fellows in time of need, as long as you help them first.

We await the landing of the stones The brooming of the glass…