Freedom means freedom to think and have an opinion. If we are afraid of expressing our opinions, we are not free to know the truth.  Questions are essential to discovering truth, but questions for real truth need to be based on reality.   Ever notice how some interest in society seek to suppress free speech and opinion by equating fiction with reality?

The McCain adds have gone negative 100%(*), with rampant misleading statements alleged to be true.

The questions being generated by wild character allegations are designed to shift the subject to paranoid fear and tribal conflict. That is patently un-American and anti-democratic to the core; the core of the Constitution, and the Bible to some extent, but not some traditions f some Americans. We are a diverse people with diverse belief’s. To take associations vastly out of context, and to reassemble them into misleading ad-hominem perversions of truth, are unacceptable to a free people. Not because they can be freely expressed, but that they are pandering to our lowest natures, blurring the abilities to discern fact from fiction. Everything but putting the nation first.

A free people can not survive for long on untruthful innuendo’s pretending to be honest questions. Emotionally leading associations “work” to disable critical thinking abilities. These, when patently false, serve to undermine the very nature of our national contract as citizens of one country. Disingenuous inference rendering is a continuation of the deceptive context creations and false association foisted on the American people these last 8 years. Appealing, not to out “Better Angels”, but to the darkness of ignorance. Calling on we voters to chose from the base lines of evil, while evoking the cover of good.

I can see why the party of fear and emotional insecurity has to divert attention, not just from the economy they have let greed take over, but from the one who would be our president, and his seriously disturbed insides. The comments in the video might be personal, but I doubt that they are false.  They are surely not fair or balanced, but not to worry.  Fair and balanced do not necessarily have anything to do with discerning reality as it is.  Reality does not chose sides.




*(Obama’s 33%)